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  Psych101  |  9

14/16- I live in America, I wasn't trying to blame it or Americans. It was just a joke (and apparently not a very good one).

Although your second comment was a good point. I didn't notice OP lived in Canada, thanks.

  niall92  |  6

40 - you heard wrong. unless you're in a really good neighborhood its pretty dangerous to leave your door unlocked. maybe during the day when people are in and out of the house its fine but at night its just as dangerous. i think americans overestimate the difference between canada and the usa.

  MissMae93  |  23

I agree with 55. I NEVER leave the house without locking up, daytime or nighttime. At my boyfriend's apartment I insist that he lock the doors even when we're home. Just the other day a guy was jumped by ELEVEN other guys in the park just a few meters away and the sound of gun shots is pretty normal in that area. It's not all rainbows and maple syrup here, let me tell you.

  Sandman366  |  6

50: I've actually woken up before to find some random stranger on my couch. Was drunk trying to get home and managed to stumble into the wrong house. Happened a couple of years ago, still creepy and yet amusing today.

  court_f  |  8

All depends where you live in Canada I guess. I live in a military town and we don't lock out doors, ever really. Even when we're gone a couple days. Then again it is small military town, where everyone says "hi" lol

  RedPillSucks  |  31

who knows. She could have been passed out and some one came in and "had their way" with her.
or when she says "I have no idea who she's talking about", she really means that
she doesn't know the name of the person she had sex with last night.