By Anonymous - 24/08/2012 02:00 - Canada - Saskatoon

Today, I woke up to an angry text from my roommate asking me to please let her know next time I'm going to have a friend crashing on the couch. I have no idea who she's talking about. FML
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Man, burglars are getting lazy.

I think that you need new locks, maybe? Or.. you know.. use your current ones.


I think that you need new locks, maybe? Or.. you know.. use your current ones.

I'm gonna sound stupid but the same thing actually happened to me except it was a dog that broke into my house.

Humans are getting dumber and animals are getting smarter.

27- Was your comment meant to be ironic?

27- Was your comment meant to be ironic?

27- Was your comment meant to be ironic?

38 - no, I think it was just accidentally stupid

#27 True story, mate.

It wasn't the "friend" that got it, it was the roommate that let the "friend" in.

Man, burglars are getting lazy.

Yeah, what is wrong with America when even a burglar won't do an honest day's work?

Don't blame America or Americans, its everywhere and every countries, not just in America, think before you speak next time.

Anyway, they're in Canada.

Plus OP is from Canada not US

Psych101 - I dunno about that but what's up with your countries education on Geography?

Americans are known to be lazy and Canadians are not known for that.

14/16- I live in America, I wasn't trying to blame it or Americans. It was just a joke (and apparently not a very good one). Although your second comment was a good point. I didn't notice OP lived in Canada, thanks.

18 - what's this about Canada's ares?

Why slam any country? We don't even know who or why a random person is crashing on another random persons couch.

Its canada i heard they dont bother locking doors up there. *shrugs* The guy was probably drunk for all we know.

#2 beat you by 12 minutes

40 - you heard wrong. unless you're in a really good neighborhood its pretty dangerous to leave your door unlocked. maybe during the day when people are in and out of the house its fine but at night its just as dangerous. i think americans overestimate the difference between canada and the usa.

I agree with 55. I NEVER leave the house without locking up, daytime or nighttime. At my boyfriend's apartment I insist that he lock the doors even when we're home. Just the other day a guy was jumped by ELEVEN other guys in the park just a few meters away and the sound of gun shots is pretty normal in that area. It's not all rainbows and maple syrup here, let me tell you.

55- You can blame Michael Moore for that overestimation

50: I've actually woken up before to find some random stranger on my couch. Was drunk trying to get home and managed to stumble into the wrong house. Happened a couple of years ago, still creepy and yet amusing today.

All depends where you live in Canada I guess. I live in a military town and we don't lock out doors, ever really. Even when we're gone a couple days. Then again it is small military town, where everyone says "hi" lol

2- mine get Cheerios in the morning

At least they weren't in her bed.

Or in their chairs. Or ate their porridge. Fucking Goldilocks.

They shoulda ate that bitch.

who knows. She could have been passed out and some one came in and "had their way" with her. Or... or when she says "I have no idea who she's talking about", she really means that she doesn't know the name of the person she had sex with last night.

She is probably the idiot that let that bum in.

Your house seems to be a great home got the homeless.

Alot of places like that are.

39- your picture reminds me of the power rangers every time I see it :)

You have been broken into :o

They broke into OP? I'd love to see how that works.

Sounds like it's from the Rape category.

So this is where the other OP who got her home burglarized left her sleeping BF.

Wake the bum up and kick him/her out.

That seems a bit drastic, eh?

Maybe your being haunted? Think about it...

Yeah I know... I have been watching way too many horror movies lately.

There was a random person sleeping on OP's couch. Not a ghost.

Right. Got that scoobi

Actually it was OP's roommate who "saw" the "person", leaving plenty of "mystery" for whether it was a ghost or not!

Hmm.. Maybe I should go easy on the horror movies too.. And the "inverted commas" :/