By Katie - 20/02/2011 08:35 - Reserved

Today, I woke up to an angry snake trying to climb the leg of my bed. My bedroom was closed all day yesterday. It must have gotten in my room days ago. FML
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Was he a...sneaky snake?!?!


Was he a...sneaky snake?!?!

^Those jokes have gotten old even before they made it to FML.

^Those jokes have gotten old even before they made it to FML.

Double post.

a snake in your room?! that is just so random.....are you sure that no one tried to prank you or something?

that's what she said #14

No for #14 it'd be "that's what he said"

snakes can contort to make it into tight spaces, so it could have only been in your room for an hour or a day

that is so not true like I believe that

or a snakey snake?

You have a new friend!

I suggest you think through if you made any new enemies reacently...?

Oh god, that is my worst nightmare. I'm sorry for you, OP. :(

ahhhhhhhhh!!!!! I would be so scared!!!!! I would be like,"DAAAAAAAADDDD!!!!! THERES A SNAKE TRYING TO CLIMB UP MY BEDDDD!!!!!!!

Why are people afraid of something they haven't even tried to appreciate?

You're obviously on his/her territory.

oh THAT'S where my snake went.......

You should really control your animals.

You should really control your animals.

Why can't I be you?! I never find snakes- angry or docile.