By Sarah220 - United States
Today, I woke up to a pain on my eyelid. I stumbled into the bathroom to find a huge tick attached to the edge of my eyelid. My dad used tweezers to pull it off, only the head stuck. I had to go to the doctor and sit there for 15 minutes so she could pull the rest out. FML
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  masquerade08  |  0

Rubbing alcohol, nail polish, fire, a heated up piece of metal. I got one on my neck once, and burned that bitch off with the nearest lighter... smart? No. Safe? No. Making me somewhat more of a badass than any of my guyfriends... Priceless.

  jawesome91  |  0

yes! you pull a tick out with tweezers that are hot at the end! u r supposed to hold the end in fire and then take it out becouse it will wiggle it's way out if you just pull it out it's pinchers will stay in you and the pincher are poisen and u have to have surgery to get them out.

  TapialPaado  |  1

It's true you're not supposed to take it out with tweezers... but the way my family has always done it is to hold a smoking match up to its back. I don't think I'd be happy about a smoking match near my eye. Would probably risk the tweezers.

  Kawaiichan42  |  3

I had a tick in my neck a few years ago, and when my mom pulled it out using hot tweezers, the head stayed in. The doctor in the E.R. told us that the best way to get a tick out is to cover it's back with vaseline because ticks breathe through their bodies when they're sucking blood. It really works. We tried it out the next time our dog got a tick.

  Vinnythefish  |  0

Well, you do have to consider the fact that most people know not to pull a tick off at first sight. And then... there's the fact that this person has access to the Internet where they could've looked up information regarding this type of situation. On the other hand, they were most likely in a state of high panic and could not think straight or clearly enough to plan out their steps, but yeah, FTL.