By Emily - France
Today, I woke up to a good friend of mine leaving my bed. The very friend I've had a crush on for months, and knows exactly how I feel about him. Everything was great until he said, "Yeah, about last night... It's just that you were there, and I was weak. See ya." FML
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  DocBastard  |  38

I'd like to think there was some divine modtervention here, but I have a sneaking suspicion that this really and truly is one of the most idiotic comments I've ever seen.

Johny, is this REALLY the place you've chosen to ask that question? Do you not see commenters calling people idiots for the smallest infraction? What kind of response did you expect? "Oh, boys with nail polish are sooo sexy!!" You're much more likely to get "You're a fucking moron."

You're lucky breathing is involuntary. You're so stupid you'd probably forget.

Oh, and you're a fucking moron.

  jemm94  |  0

By the sound of it, it seems you should really be asking guys how they feel about other guys wearing nail polish. You sound like you'd be the least bit interested in attracting a girl.

  ryanst  |  7

What in the hell?? I cannot believe this is a serious comment.. first off, you are breaking the rules with a comment unrelated to the post, second off, you can't possibly be straight wanting to wear nail polish. ..I definitely won't be forgetting this comment anytime soon.

  Suchagoonnn  |  4

36 you act like fmylife is a terrible place of the internet where all of the trolls hang around. Quite the opposite. you dont seem
to know much about the internet.

  romano07  |  0

goon, I wouldn't start anything with doc, he'll probably sew your ass shut and surgically replace your digestive system upside down so shit will LITERALLY come out of your mouth. =/

  besosforme  |  26

On the contrary, goonnn- Doc is right. I mean its great that johnny appreciates the community of FML-ers, but Really??? This is definitely not the place for it, especially with some of the members who make it a point to not censor their comments. It would be much more appropriate for johnny to have asked his personal question on a forum like 'Yahoo Answers' or 'JustAsk'. Personally, I'm just guessing his account got hacked.

As for the FML, that totally sucks =. But, at least he was honest about it and didn't put up any pretenses... Now you know that he's probably not one to dwell on unless you decide you just want a hookup. If that's the case, proceed with caution. You know he isn't invested, and you'd have to be sure you could handle the possible emotional baggage that could throw itself at you. I would just try to move on. Sorry, OP.