By thefuckman - / Friday 14 September 2012 19:50 / United States
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#20 Yeah, but the neighbor with the bleach is a cold-hearted killer, attacking the innocent grass as a show of strength. He is destined for complete domination of the neighborhood.


Seriously. It's like OP is the new guy in prison. All he wants to do is his time then get out, but now he must choose a gang or else both gangs will bring on a wrath against him.

  dead247  |  13

1. pick side
2. be spy for other side.
3. but really be spy for previous side.
4. watch as they plan and fail.
It will hopefully work...in theory.


Just don't let them fill up on soda, or their friendship will be reignited at the expense of your Easter Island Head house exploding due to their giggling-induced carbonated belches.

I've seen it happen before.

  jem970  |  19

OP, don't pick a side and you can unite them when they both want to get back at you! Of course you will be hit by hell on both fronts... Nah. Just save yourself the trouble and move or be Switzerland.


#56- Aww, that's funny. Someone a few days ago said she looks like Buckbeak from Harry Potter! I admit, she's not a common-looking bird, but hippogriffs and llamas? Wonder what her babies would look like! XD

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