By jamienicole1993 - 05/02/2015 01:21 - United States - Savannah

Today, I woke up to a broken car window and a text from my ex that read, "Before you ask me, the answer is yes." FML
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Reply: "Before you ask if I called the cops, the answer is yes."

Restraining order asap


What a bitch

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#35 it can be used both ways.

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Given that OP is female, it's far more likely that HE's on crack. Or just plain crazy. I vote the latter.

Lesbians are a thing.

this was not meant to be a reply

How very meta, 29.

Yes there is gay couples, but there's far more straight couples than lesbian so it's most likely that the ex is a "he".

If you look upper corner, that name sounded like a she. So you're right , the ex is He

#27 yes lesbians are a thing, but #20 said "far more likely" which is still true.

@52 Just because OP is female does not mean her ex is a man but I'd bet it is a man.

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Hermaphrodites are a thing too...

#2 Nice picture! ;) I don't care if this ex is male, trans, or whatever - ya' don't go after another's car!

Take him to court?

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Won't hold up, unless he mentioned it later. The ex doesn't specifically state breaking her window in that text so it isn't good enough evidence. He could always play it off like he was expecting to get proposed to

Except its pretty damn strong circumstantial evidence... Or OP could respond "what are you talking about", ex doesn't seem to be smart enough to cover their tracks

How can you be so certain that's it's a him?

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#23, You're right, it is strong circumstantial evidence. And circumstantial isn't enough to convict someone, just like I said

It's more evidence then most vandalism cases get so she still has a good chance.

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56, no convictions are needed in civil court. Depending on the judge, their relationship history and that text should be enough to at least award OP enough to replace the window.

Well, that's not nice now is it?

Hopefully you have insurance to cover that, but wow that Sucks

Restraining order asap

Reply: "Before you ask if I called the cops, the answer is yes."

Even if she has no intention on taking the ex to court she should still report the text along her smashed window to the police. This way if anything further happens she has a record of it, it would help later when the ex does something else. It also helps in the event she needs a restraining order to have a record of previous issues such as this one.

Yes that or "I was about to ask if you were going to pay for that window you just broke"

Very romantic.

OP: so you broke my window?! Ex: what? I thought you wanted to get back together. *gasp from audience*

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fyl, but good now you have her confession for when you call the cops.

the police would need more information from the "confession" what they sent her could be for anything. that's what the police would think.