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Today, I woke up next to my boyfriend. He gazed at me, stroked my cheek, and said "Christ, you really need something for this acne." FML
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SauceySarah 30

That's actually my worst fear.. To be in a vulnerable state and have the guy I woke up next to say something about my appearance. I'm sorry, OP. That must have hurt.

A07 48

Touch his balls and go " WHAT ARE THOOOOOOOSE"


20bricks 28

Touch his dick and tell him the same.

And then he touches her breast and says the same thing, and she touches his face and says the same, and he touches her ass and says the same. It would never end until they become exes.

Trinidad727 9

Nothing a little proactive can't fix.

I dunno about that. I've been prescribed by my doctor for a bunch of different medical treatments for my horrible acne, and nothing has been effective yet.

Animeisthebest1 14

Cetaphil worked for me when nothing else did including proactive

Acnes also a sign of allergies. The only time i break out is when I'm allergic to a certain food.. Which i don't care for because i know the next day or two it'll clear!

36- This has nothing to do with the FML, but I can't help commenting. NORCO4LIFE? Really?

SauceySarah 30

That's actually my worst fear.. To be in a vulnerable state and have the guy I woke up next to say something about my appearance. I'm sorry, OP. That must have hurt.

A07 48

Touch his balls and go " WHAT ARE THOOOOOOOSE"

Man, fuck that dude.

I'm guessing she already did.

tiger820 20

I see what you did there....

I mean at least he's honest with you?

why are people downvoting? I totally agree. It was said in a douche-baggy way, but at least he was honest.

MonstreBelle 28

There is a big difference between honesty and unnecessary cruelty. OP's boyfriend wouldn't have been lying to her if he hadn't said anything. If he's that concerned, there are better ways to talk to her about it than being a tactless dick.

This makes me go crazy! I hate when people justify saying hurtful or cruel things by saying "hey I'm just being honest." As if by being "honest" you don't need to have any filter on anything you say and can just be completely mean to people. No one said you had to lie, just don't say anything. People seem to have completely forgotten the saying "if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all." If he actually was concerned and had an idea with how to help her (maybe suggesting a certain medication he had heard about) then he could've said something in a very gentle and caring way. But he wasn't trying to help, he was just being mean. People would rather you say nothing, and not hurt their feelings, as oppose to being "honest." {rant over}

So, how is it supposed to be said? However it's said it's going to be a little hurtful. I had horrible acne and as long as my fiance merely hinted I should go see a doctor about the acne, I didn't do it, and only after my face was so sore the pillow was too much touch, I finally got to fixing the problem. It was a very sensitive topic and just about anyone saying anything about it was hurtful. More insulting were the people at cosmetic stores claiming Their Incredible Product would help cure my acne, abusing that to sell their useless shit was ballsy and insulting. My fiance saying "you really need to go see a doctor" was the least hurtful. So sweetheart, go see a doctor if you have a bad acne. It's bullshit you should have to feel insecure about acne, but if you do, it can be fixed. And get it fixed before it gets so bad you can feel your heartbeat constantly on your cheeks, trust me on this.

I've had terrible acne since I was little, and it depends on the person. People suggesting things to help my acne were not hurtful to me at all. I listened and told my mom so we could get some to try it out. If someone did what op's boyfriend did, however, of course it's hurt! He's not suggesting anything, and as someone commented a lot of people probably feel vulnerable waking up without having done anything.

*strokes his dick* "Like a prescription pill?"

Make him buy you the acne cream.

it has to be top of the line and super expensive too! it may shut him up :)

my friend tried this new medicine, it's quite painful (it removed her upper skin layer and renewed it), but it really worked, her skin looks so much better now! you should ask your doctor about your options if it bothers you too. good luck!

MonstreBelle 28

Do you happen to know what it's called? My best friend has been struggling with ance for years and has low self-esteem because of it, even though she's beautiful. Her insurance won't cover any appointments with a dermatologist or any prescriptions written by one and her PCP doesn't know what else to prescribe her besides the standard benzoyl peroxide, clindamycin, Accutane.

It may be tretinoin. that's what I'm on now. It gives you a horrible breakout as everything comes out of your skin but after that it's supposed to be amazing. I'm only like 3 weeks in and it takes about 12 weeks to work so I can't say how well it's working yet.

I'm on tretinoin now. It worked well at first but now it's starting to not have its charm on me anymore. I can relate with OP. I've had acne for years and on countless medications and creams and nothing seems to work. :(

#23, I don't know, I'll ask her! I live in The Netherlands so there is a chance it won't be available where you live, but I doubt that. The medication consists of two creams: one that removes the upper skin layer and one that renews that layer. I think she used it for about a month, she just stopped. Her docter said that if everything goes well, this should be her last treatment! Although you never know. I'll send her a message about it and post it when she responds. (:

MonstreBelle 28

Thanks to everyone that replied. You are fabulous people!

#23 it's called "Benzoylperoxide Hydrogel 10% PCH". I don't have a clue what that means but it's the name of the cream that removes the upper skin layer. I hope it helps your friend as well! I'm just now seeing you already named that. So sorry! Good luck anyways.

monstrebelle, another message, last one, I promise ;) she uses it in very high dosage and combined with creams that stimulate the produce of new, healthy skin. She got this from her dermatologist.

MonstreBelle 28

No need to apologize. I appreciate you taking the time to ask your friend! I'll pass along the suggestion of using a stronger dose.

There is a medication that can be given to you by your doctor that drys out the skin and gets rid of the Acne.

im pretty sure all of the acne meds dry out your skin, that is why you ussually need a moisturizer also.