By John doe - United States


  Today, I woke up next to a woman nearly twice my age. I don't know how to tell her it was drunken sex and not the beginning of a relationship. But I have to come up with something soon as I work with her Monday. FML
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  ImaginaryFoe  |  0

Agree with #1. You obviously can't handle drinking. Also, great job assuming she wants a relationship with you. She'll probably wake up wondering how to get away from the pimply-faced little slacker without ending up with a harrassment suit.

  AziraLevana  |  2

#1: Agreed. If you can't drink responsibly, you shouldn't drink at all. Unfortunately, people who are irresponsible with their drinking don't just cause themselves problems - they often hurt and/or harm others, too. I should know. I'm a non-drinker, but drunk drivers left me disabled.

  supraman_fml  |  0

Zom Zom Zom Zombie thinks tattoo boy should change a pic... an OP, your a tool dude... she will not want a "relationship". and what are you doing? lying next to her posting on FML? ... Dumbass

  WardFML  |  0

68- obviously you aren't aware of the google trend tosh.0 started last year. If you google 'demi Moore bush' you won't think of her that way again

  sharpl916  |  0

Yeah. when I HAVE to, I just pretend drunk and act funny until things settle down a bit with everyone drunk. Drinking till your drunk is never a good idea. It does help you forget things but you know that's just running away..... Beer pong FTW!!

By  jpallan  |  3

Actually, I wouldn't worry too much about it. As Saturday Night Live memorably put it in their sketch, "Cougar Den", "I'll pay you, and this won't get messy."

I'm not exactly how to put this respectfully, but anyone who is twice your age — and I'm assuming you're at least 16 — probably does not want a boyfriend half her age. She may want another shag or three, but she'd probably be more embarrassed by a public liasion than you. Really.

  time4coffee  |  3

Congrats you're a boy toy!!!
If she's twice you're age, she is NOT thinking of it as a relationship. She's not interested in you for the long haul.
Get over yourself.

By  1LL337  |  0

YDI for posting a stupid FML. Pretty sure any straight male 30 and younger wouldn't mind being cougar prey, especially the no strings flings kind.