By Whoopsie - 30/06/2014 19:51 - United States - Worcester

Today, I woke up loudly screaming from a "night" terror. I say "night"; I was actually at my desk at work, in the middle of the day, surrounded by dozens of co-workers in their cubicles. FML
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YDI for sleeping at work.

Tell them someone took your stapler.


YDI for sleeping at work.

You could be right, but who knows why OP may've fallen asleep. Feeling unwell, helping someone out or taking care of someone at night...narcolepsy...watching a hot neighbour all night, just breathing in and out, in and out...all understandable reasons. Well, the last one obviously isn't, but you get the gist.

If OP normally suffers from night terrors during the night then I can see falling asleep on the job as a result, kind of out OP's hand if that's the case. Even with treatment there's only so much you can do for night terrors.

I used to get night terrors. I was taking sleeping pills for a while to battle them. Then I went to my sleep doctor and he got me to take a program for getting rid of trauma based night terrors (like the kind you get from ptsd or big changes in your life). Now they're almost completely gone!

I don't knoe , OP. That place that you described as "work" sounded like a nightmare in it of itself. It was a nightmare within a nightmare. A nightception, if you will.

It's possible OP could have Insomnia. In that case, I couldn't really blame them.

martialart1st18 19

Maybe he lives in Japan. In Japan, sleeping on the job is acceptable as it is a sign of exhaustion from hard work.

I want to know what his dream was

Tell them someone took your stapler.

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Or he could tell them he saw a spider

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That's... That's my stapler. I must have my red Swingline stapler.

Burn it to the ground stigy!

Time to prioritize and go to sleep at a more decent time. Be lucky you didn't lose your job.

AnOriginalName 19

A more decent time than at work while on the clock? No such thing! If you're good at something, never do it for free.

Sometimes it is more easily said than done. We don't know why OP is so tired, but if he gets night terrors, it could be hard to get to sleep at night. Also, there are other circumstances - maybe he was taking care of someone, maybe he wasn't feeling well, maybe he has insomnia. I don't think he should be judged unless we know.

Well, that's embarrassing.

Are those the sole two options?

Pretend you saw a spider.

Slow work day?

What was your nightmare? That you actually had to work?

Kobe1Kenobi 3

His knightmare was that his king got killed

#11 wins.

tayymeds 23

Well work is a nightmare to begin with...

draokc 9

spoken like a college student who hasn't yet been in the real world.

Sounds like you're butt hurt #33.

Never sleep on the job...