By Anonymous - 28/06/2009 18:25 - Israel

Today, I woke up late. My grandparents had slept over the night before but they usually left early. I heard someone in the kitchen and thinking it was my brother, I said "Thank god, the geriatric crew is FINALLY gone." My grandma responds, "No we're not." FML
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You will REALLY regret that someday, when they aren't there anymore to make fun of. I promise.


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fourth! you should have at least checked to make sure it was your brother. YDI

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Why do you keep saying that? >'

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Well that sucks for all of you. You grandparents discovered their grandchild sucks, and you can look forward to being written out of the will!

2637th person if it really cares! YDI..respect old folks..they will bless u when they go for a long trip "DIE"