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Today, I woke up late for a very important presentation. I got dressed but forgot to wear a bra. During the presentation, I bent down to adjust a shoe strap. I rose to find that the thin straps of my blouse snapped and exposed my breasts. I gave a great presentation and a titty show. FML
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  DGross  |  8

lots of raises following that meeting but not the right kind lol

But yea op that really does suck though I'm not sure how easy it would be to just "forget" a bra.

  applesuckers  |  0

Some girls are almost "flat chested" and don't wear bras a lot cuz they don't really have to. Maybe she doesn't have big boobs and is just kind of use to not wearing a bra so she didn't realize that she didn't have one on.

  imbatman_fml  |  0

I have to say, alot of these fml comments are moronic. "If it was important, you wouldn't have been late." Believe it or not, there's billions of folks on Earth, so shit can happen. if you can't post a clever or funny comment or condolence. Keep it to yourself.

  DGross  |  8

well #104... sometimes when I'm rushing before a jog it just slips my mind...

but seriously, regardless of how it happenned it sucks to be the OP... but... if you were leaning over before that I'm guessing you already weren't thinking about giving them a show

  SubjectDelta  |  0

Strangest thing, this guy comes in to give a presentation and get this, dudes wearing girl clothes, don't know who he was trying to impress, bends over to tie his shoe and I saw them, tiny teetees. No wonder he was so embarassed to shower in lockeroom with us. On the bright side this also means that I'm not gay for what happened at the Christmas party...

  suppressed08  |  2

i'll tale ot back if youre incredibly flat chested, but that's like saying you forgot to wear socks. nobody 'forgets' to wear socks, because you almost always notice something immediately.i


Maybe she's got small boobs, ppl with small boobs don't need a bra I think... Though I don't really get it...last time I didn't wear a bra during the day was like...5-6 years ago. I still say fyl, cuz it's not too great to flash your entire grade, I know, cuz I've done something similar, only it wasn't an accident, a guy in my class decided to grab my shirt and pull it up as I was walking by him to my seat, but hey, atleast I wore a bra at the time^^

  talaina  |  2

I'm with #53. YDI. What the heck kind of blouse were you wearing that it would snap like that? Clearly not one that fit you properly. But especially, how did you forget to wear a bra? If I wake up late and run to class in my pajamas I STILL take the 30 seconds to put on a bra underneath them. A bra is kind of an essential item unless you are small enough to go without one, which, since you managed to snap your blouse straps, I'm going to guess you aren't.

  jollykilla704  |  0

so a few things lead me to think you are a total idiot. First, I've never forgotten any piece of clothing and a bra just seems even more noticible than male clothing. Also, important presentation usually means formal clothing. spigette straps or any other thin straps are not formal. and finally, you don't mess with your shoes durring a presentation, you do it before or after you're in the spot light. YDI for being retarded.

  heather_bunny  |  3

Those are exactly the reasons why this COULDN'T have happened...just too unlikely.
If I'm wrong, then, well...FYL because that's damn embarrassing, but YDI b/c you forgot your bra??? WTF?
Oh, wait, this IS real; you're from TX....

  tam_tiger  |  0

My thoughts exactly!! If you were doing a presentation you would be wearing appropriate clothing (sleeves) and you'd know bending over and breaking eye contact and communication is COMPLETELY unprofessional. Who hired you? Did you mean "strip tease at the gentlemens club" instead of presentation?

  RedHead0186  |  1

She could have been wearing a suit or something, and the blouse or tank underneath may have had spaghetti straps. I've worn outfits like that before-you don't see the straps because they're covered by the suit jacket, but when they snapped . . .

Though I still agree about the not noticing you're not wearing a bra. I don't get how you wouldn't notice that.

  KittehKatt  |  0

no it isn't,..
I've done it before, espically when I'm in a rush,
OP coulve gotten dressed really quickly and hopped in her car right away,
she probably noticed when it was alredy too late.

  UnluckyChicka  |  0

give her a break she was probably tired! anyway that's like once when I was late for a play at my school. I had to change dresses really fast 7 times throughout the play so I had to do it backstage. I wasn't thinking and wore a string thong. yes, everybody saw

  MissBoo111  |  21

she didn't mean to asshole it is so east to not realize it I can be so tired that I just out on my shirt walk out the door into the car and half an our later is when I realize it.

  MrsUchiha  |  0

I agree #5. As a girl I can tell you it's pretty damn hard to forget a bra. Once you've been wearing one for most of your life, you become accustom to the feeling of it on and off.

  Jiplo  |  18

I agree 137. I am a guy, and I believe a plausible solution would be to bring a bra in your purse or whatever and put it on at work in a bathroom or something. From what I am aware of, that is similar to forgetting one's underpants, an occurrence that is not easy to come by. YDI