By barebackingit - 04/11/2013 19:17 - Canada - Kanata

Today, I woke up late and had to rush to catch my bus. Upon arriving at school, I was hot from running and took off my sweater. It was then, in a lecture hall with 400 people, that I realised I hadn't put a shirt on underneath. FML
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#30 Hah-hah. Ah, 2002. Those were the days.

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LITTLE late? I don't think so.

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36- take them off all you want

wow, right this second in Australia that song has started playing on channel V!!!! 10.37am

Ha, I love these FMLs. Hope OP had a bra on. ;-)

its gettin hot in here so hot so take off all your clothes :)

Damn!! Why do I miss out on all the good stuff

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Wish I'd have been in your class!! Oh well OP, we all do silly things

Depending on your appearance this is the opposite of a problem.

Even if OP is attractive it's still embarrassing as hell.

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And she still wouldn't be an object for you to ogle.

Apparently people don't understand jokes. I'd breast be off then.

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**** not a problem for everyone else.

You ogle away cerealkiller men and women do it everyday, and its shown to reduce your risk of cardiac arrest. So ogle to your hearts content.

yeah, and when they get mad, just tell them it's so you won't get a heart attack

I'm sure class was so interesting nobody wanted to get their eyes off the board to look anyway.

If it was biology or anatomy, your professor should have called you to the front as a real-life lesson.

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Well they weren't paying attention to the lecture anymore

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For your sake, I do hope you remembered a brassiere.

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For my sake, hope you were bra-less and have beautiful ****. And I hope you shook em a bit seductively before you realized your mistake.

As you would have to imagine it any way, why not just take the leap whether it was the case or not?