By kronin - 12/10/2010 10:59 - United States

Today, I woke up in a field 3 miles from where I'd passed out drunk. This wouldn't have been too bad if I didn't have to walk home through town without my pants. FML
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your super drunk powers far surpass mine haha

immediately presses YDI


Stargenx 6

SUcks to be you.

Thid belongs to a comedy movie! hilarious!

The question is: Are you a male or female?

YDI for getting drunk. Seriously? What's with all the alcoholics these days. -.-

39: That is a funny cow.

39, passing out and getting his pants stolen once doesn't make him an alcoholic... and that it's not a funny cow ;)

some people just can't handle alcohol

snagglepaste 0

53 don't shove your opinions down my throat!

*ahem* 39, there is a big difference between passing out drunk and alchoholics, alchoholics don't pass out.

If Adam and Eve could cover themselves up, then you can too!

hmmm sounds like the Hangover a little bit

DenBriZel 31

YDI. That's all. No debate about it.

immediately presses YDI

Randen_fml 0

agreed. Do you feel sore in certain places?

hahaha 16. that was good. real good. haha

tequila? happens to the best of us!

hahah happens to the best of us alright. The only time I been shit-faced was when I had tequila and sake (some Japanese fermented rice stuff) that packs a punch lol

sake from Hokkaido is rly nice

Mmmm, sake. Sake is sneaky, though. It's so smooth and mild going down, especially when warm, that you can drink a ton of it before your brain gets the "Hey-o! We're hammered!" message. That shit is like a Gremlin at Ramadan once it hits— it will tear your ass up, metaphorically AND literally. O.O The plum kind is especially yummy, but I think it's not technically sake. There's a different name for that.

Addendum: Turns out there are lots of plum sakes, but I was thinking of something different, called Umeshu. It's a Japanese plum liqueur.

A Gremlin at Ramadan... Nice analogy #78

did you get raped?

sure sounds like it, whether OP thinks so or not

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lol it takes skill to go 3 miles from where you passed out AND lose your pants

zerobahamut03 2

hey, as least you had some sort of underwear on right? no biggie, as long as you didn't drink and drive.

Sam_13161821 0

Lol been there? But you're like 11.

LMAO!!!! That's HILARIOUS!!!!! XD

Hopersz 0

Lol fuck that hella sucks lol

Graawr 7

hah! you deserve it for being careless.

Perfect example of ugly Asian girl right here. WTF are you doing you're not a cat.

...says the admitted ditz with the "most best boyfriend." Listen, sweetheart, I hope that you are just trolling and don't actually believe the filth that is spewing from your piehole. If you're trolling, then I apologize to the FML community for feeding the troll. If you're not, then I feel sorry for you and your most best boyfriend.

Whoa there, #94! #9 is most certainly not ugly. Bashing the appearance of others is pointless...

94 - You are ugly! Go back to your trailerpark you piece of trash. Oh, and btw. your bf must be blind to go out with a girl like you..

Graawr 7

Lmao 94 you don't have any eyebrows. :D

Do ugly girls *really* have to call the pretty ones ugly in FML? Not the first time I've seen this xD

shadexilmaendu 4

Aren't ugly and pretty like, all matters of opinion, maan?

your super drunk powers far surpass mine haha

yeah, he can teleport