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  marinus_fml  |  19

hahah happens to the best of us alright. The only time I been shit-faced was when I had tequila and sake (some Japanese fermented rice stuff) that packs a punch lol


Mmmm, sake. Sake is sneaky, though. It's so smooth and mild going down, especially when warm, that you can drink a ton of it before your brain gets the "Hey-o! We're hammered!" message. That shit is like a Gremlin at Ramadan once it hits— it will tear your ass up, metaphorically AND literally. O.O

The plum kind is especially yummy, but I think it's not technically sake. There's a different name for that.

  DocBastard  |  38

...says the admitted ditz with the "most best boyfriend." Listen, sweetheart, I hope that you are just trolling and don't actually believe the filth that is spewing from your piehole. If you're trolling, then I apologize to the FML community for feeding the troll. If you're not, then I feel sorry for you and your most best boyfriend.