By Anonymous - 28/10/2010 11:42 - United Kingdom

Today, I woke up from sleeping at my friends house with a bunch of other people, with my waist long hair cut into chunks on my pillow. FML
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wow that's uncool. shave their heads in their sleep.

Dude, kick somebody's ass !!!


Dude, WTF?

i would fucking kill a bitch

#1 - OP is not a dude so think before you post

#13 - #1 is a girl, she can say dude to a girl if she wants.

did fall asleep with with your shoes on? cuz if u did it's fair game haha

#22 guys can call girls "dudes" too, just so you know anyone can call anyone "dudes"

waste long? that's too long anyways

That, my friend, was a decent pun--too bad you waisted the opportunity. Sorry, big fan of Willie Shakes.

^that comment was to 70-71 OP, fyl. Dude, Revenge. All I'm sayin

No one I know would fuck with my hair because everyone I know likes their bone structure. Anyways, OP, I'd seriously do something to the idiot(s) that killed your hair. If it was a girl, take her to a dark alley and knock her out and leave her there. She might be a bit surprised to find her panties at her ankles. And if it was a guy, you could remove his... Uh... Manhood. Unless of course you fell asleep with your shoes on. If you did, you totally deserved it.

I'm guessing you know something like that happened not too long ago, where some college-aged girls got in a fight, one incapacitated the other and dragged her into an alley in the very bad side of town, handcuffed her to a fence and pulled down her pants, then made some noise and left. The girl was raped multiple times. Yay drama. On a lighter note, a nice way for revenge might be: get some raw fish from the local market. Cut it into little chunks, and whenever you get the chance, slyly unscrew their air conditioning vents and toss some chunks in there. Screw it back on, rinse and repeat. Try to get as many vents as possible so it's hard for them to locate the fetid odor. Good morning, ladies.

op r u a hippie?

Which hair

Yeah, or put some meat or something in their blankets and wait for it to start rotting. With a little bit of luck, maggots will start growing there as well. If someone pulled a prank like that on me, I'd kill them. I do crazy things with my hair, I shave it off, I dye it, whatever, but only the way I want it.

If it hasn't already been posted: 'What a waist'.

that's sucks =[

wow that's uncool. shave their heads in their sleep.

I was thinking more like slip them some sleeping pills in a punch or lemonade and wait until they fall asleep to do horrible, unspeakable things to them. :D sweet revenge. On the other hand, it teaches OP to not just trust anybody and pick her friends wisely. I am thinking this is the case of couple of "popular girls" befriending a not so popular girl(this would be OP) and doing mean things to her... but then again I have seen too many cliche high school movies. lol.

wow someeeone has lots of angst and rage in them lol

Dude, kick somebody's ass !!!

I agree OP if I were you I would be so mad I'd be effing that girls place up.

give her a sleeping pill then a lax. that should get you even I'd say

that's horrible sounds like you need some new friends op

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who are they to be annoyed it's her hair not theirs

why would people be annoyed by somebody else's long hair? you are retarded!!!

My friends love my long hair, how could someone be annoyed WITH HAIR?! Explain me that, please.

Don't feed the troll, kids. Don't give this shitbag the satisfaction that he annoyed you.

ur dumb as fukk. how did she deserve that?!

Congratulations on your first comment, barbie! You just fed a troll. Not sure what that means? Go to urbandictionary and look it up. And then don't ever fucking do it again. And watch your fucking mouth, young lady.

It's okay, cause he fails at trolling. If you're going to troll, at least do it right. hair does not grow up to your waist. it grows down to your waist. You, sir, have failed.

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Hhahaha. u shouldn't even be Alive for saying something so STUPID, dude

what a stupid reply.. lol WTF?

You are a tool!

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You can't even say it was too long. You don't even know how it looked on her. Also, it's HER hair, so she could have it any length she'd like.

fight the power :)

They did you a favour, now you can spend less on shampoo/conditioner.

legally you can sue. i want to see this on judge Judy

sue for what? that's the dumbest thing I ever heard

Legally it's also assault and she has the right to call the cops and press charges. If alcohol was involved she might not get too far, but if no one was drinking then the person who did it could end up with a criminal record. And yes, she can also sue for damages and emotional distress whether alcohol was involved or not and she would win.

Thank god for this capitalistic society we live in eh? The perfect revenge would be to burn their face with a curling iron or inject them with cancer (so they would have to undergo chemotherapy and they lose all their hair in the process).

And this happened in Liver Pool, UK. I don't think it'll ever make it to Judge Judy and who watches that crap anyway? Also, OP should suck it up. Obviously, they weren't very good friends if they did that to OP. That's horrible but at that same time it is part of growing up and learning to choose whom you trust wisely and suing for this is the most idiotic thing I've ever heard. There is no proof and her friends would just say that she wanted the haircut. No decent lawyer would pick up this case because at most she will get small compensation and the kids will walk away with limited amount of community service and that is considering if it even MAKES it in the court. And the girl would have a miserable time in her community and school after the case ends being known as the whiny bitch or other derogatory terms. Do you people think before you post?

You have no idea how much they could have damaged her hair. Do you know how much she could get teased because of it? How self couscious she might feel? Have someone totally trash how you look and then you suck it up. oh and Liverpool is all one word it's not a pool of livers

Actually, it s battery because contact was made. And, drinking doesn't matter, it is still battery. As for suing, it would be intentional infliction of emotional distress or something along those lines.

#12...are you girl or a guy?

28: If they just cut it, they damaged her hairstyle, not her hair. The most she would deserve to get in damages would be the cost of a professional haircut to fix it. As for the emotional issues, she does need to just suck it up. Everyone gets teased for something. If getting a bad haircut was grounds for emotional distress, there wouldn't be a professional hairstyling industry. Or at least, not one without insurance, lawsuit protection, malpractice issues, etc. OP's friends are assholes, but c'mon. IT'S JUST HAIR. I don't understand why so many women are emotionally involved with their hair. It's not your identity, any more than your fingernails are.

It's a security blanket. Long hair is seen as beautiful, as are pretty, long nails (among other things). That's why something such as this would cause OP along with many others to become so upset. I know I would be. It took me a long time to get my hair where it is (halfway down my back) and I'll be damned if anyone cuts it off before I'm ready to go for a shorter style. What if OP was growing her hair for Locks of Love? It will be a pain to grow it back to that length to sell.

Oh, I totally understand being pissed, Steff. I'd be irate. OP's got every right to be upset, and of course growing it out would be a pain. My point was, though, that it shouldn't be upsetting or traumatic enough to constitute seeking damages for emotional distress. Maybe I'm cynical or I've just been through too much trauma myself, but IMO, if a bad haircut, losing some friends, and maybe* being teased a little is the worst thing that happens to your younger self, you're damn lucky. Lawsuits for such things clog up the courts, waste time, and invalidate the suits of people who actually ought to be compensated for something less frivolous. Even if she was growing it for LoL, she wouldn't be entitled to compensation, since LoL doesn't buy hair. It's all donated. *I say maybe because in my experience, people who are so emotionally attached to their hair nearly always think a different style looks worse than it really does. As I said, it's often an identity thing.    

Oh, the American mindset. Something isn't how you like it? Sue!

Oh, the American mindset: just call it a "prank" and it's "fun", not the malicious and gutless battery it really is :p (and which must have been clear right from the start)...

#86 Not every American is sue-happy.

Suing might be a bit extreme, and perhaps fruitless considering that the offenders were likely below the age of 18. True, the OP may have learned a valuable lesson in choosing who she spends her time with and trusts. That in no way, shape, or form makes what the other girls did acceptable. I realize that many people are not so attached to their hair, and it ultimately does not physically harm the girl's health. However, a long head of hair in good condition takes a lot of time and effort to obtain, should one be capable of growing it. It's her choice, and her hair may be her prized possession. I've met many people who feel that their long hair is a social statement. Considering the amount of time it takes to grow one's hair down to one's waist, and that there is NO replacement for natural hair, why should this not be a destruction of property along with assault?

18. that is horrible.NOBODY should have to go through cancer!!!my aunt went through cancer and you could see how miserable she people a favor and stop thinking stupidly.

God bless America, where you can sue for the liittle thing.


Start formulating a revenge plan.

Good idea. Keep the chunks op, they might factor into it.