By drinkdrankdrunk - Canada - Edmonton
Today, I woke up from a night of heavy drinking to find my girlfriend dumped me. Apparently I drunk-called her last night and told her that someone as beautiful as her could be with someone way better than me. She agreed. FML
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  Quantumpanda  |  13

Ah yes, she's a bitch because he was being a drunken fool. Makes perfect some reality other than this one.

Rule #1: Don't get so drunk you do stupid things like that.
Rule #2: If you must break rule #1, don't call or text anyone until you're sober.
Rule #3: If you must break rules #1 & #2, don't call or text your girlfriend until you're sober.
Rule #4: If you must break rules #1, #2, & #3, don't say something that will lead them to break up with you.
Rule #5: If you must break rules #1–#4, apologize profusely once you're sober. Groveling and flowers usually help.

Simplest is to just remember rule #1, but there's an awful lot of people who feel the need to make it more complicated...

  LA_Barbie  |  11

#67 Well done! I agree. Drunk dialing should be avoided at all costs. Sometimes it can't be so OP kinda deserved it. However, I think he can do better she was a bitch to agree with him breaking up with her. Clearly she has no common sense to realize he was drunk.

  bryguy89  |  10

Look at it this way...technically, since she was taking it so seriously and actually took your suggestion, you dumped her. It's one of those "it's not you, it's me" situations.

  Cazz91  |  21

That my friend would be a vegan if they are against any animal product to consume via dairy for example, #35. :)

Unless the vegetarian happens to hate dairy products or they are lactose intolerant. :(

I love cheese!

By  QQmore_fml  |  18

Stop drinking so much to the point you can't remember stuff, also she's pretty messed up if that's all it takes for her to leave. You don't need her, but you need to get your drinking in check. Sorry OP

  vipirius  |  18

Or maybe she left because he has a drinking problem? I mean this could have happened many times before and this was the last straw. In any case we don't know the whole story so there's no point taking sides.


or op has a drinking problem, is unreliable, has done things like this before and she realized she honestly could do better for herself instead of waiting for him to grow up. Without more to this story we have no way of knowing if she is a bitch, or if he's a loser.