By Dani - United States - Fort Lauderdale
Today, I woke up feeling awful and decided to make myself a nice egg omelette with bacon, toast and fresh fruit. As I went to eat it, I stubbed my toe and dropped it all on the floor. My dogs were very happy about that. FML
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  SkyGuy32  |  17

At least she didn't decide to bake a chocolate cake instead.

By  Im2Shy  |  16

Just one of the perks of having dogs, anytime food is dropped they are always there and willing to clean that up for you every time. I'm sure they enjoyed their special surprise breakfast.

  cadillacgal79  |  32

That was an okay pun, I'll give you a thumbs up for that. Don't worry OP everybody has days where the world just hates us, at least you didn't have to clean up the mess. :)