By Dani - 05/12/2014 21:00 - United States - Fort Lauderdale

Today, I woke up feeling awful and decided to make myself a nice egg omelette with bacon, toast and fresh fruit. As I went to eat it, I stubbed my toe and dropped it all on the floor. My dogs were very happy about that. FML
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at least you could make them happy

At least your dogs were kind enough to clean it up for you.


at least you could make them happy

Awww OP that sucks. :( I may have cried.

(If that had happened to me, that is.)

At least your dogs were kind enough to clean it up for you.

SkyGuy32 17

At least she didn't decide to bake a chocolate cake instead.

Just one of the perks of having dogs, anytime food is dropped they are always there and willing to clean that up for you every time. I'm sure they enjoyed their special surprise breakfast.

some of them will even clean up they're own vomit or poo! so handy!

sure it might have been for you & you feel sick but seeing my dogs happy always makes me feel pretty good.

Not the most egg-cellent way to start the day...

That was an okay pun, I'll give you a thumbs up for that. Don't worry OP everybody has days where the world just hates us, at least you didn't have to clean up the mess. :)

It looks like OP is on the verge of cracking.

guys, these types of yokes aren't even cracking me up. Seriously, this can't be your boiling point.

these puns are quite punny

As they say, one man's trash is another's treasure. Or in this case dogs'...

We have bad days sometimes, it's okay OP!

Hope your day improves, OP. The dogs are probably feeling like they had the best start to the day ever, and that you are their fairy breakfast dropper.

It'll get better OP, don't stress it to much it happens to the best of us sometimes.