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Today, I woke up early and went to the dermatologist's, only to have them tell me that the skin condition I have that causes big, white spots to appear is chronic and I can do nothing about it. But they did give me cream for a different skin condition they found. FML
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By  xxViixen  |  1

vitaligo? I've had that since I was 9. it's not even that bad. it's just in some spots you have no pigment. i've had mine for 12 years and mine isn't as bad as some people who've only had it for a year. so I'm lucky!

  chuchurocket  |  4

Eh I have eczema and skin so dry that it cracks during winter (and bleeds... it happened to me last time I was in California)... luckily I live in Hawaii, where the air is moist, but my skin is still fucked up.

welcome to the club

  TheManPR  |  0

I'm with you on that #25. I have it to on my hands and arms. it's hurts to move my fingers with it gets really bad and I get many cuts though I know have a special lotion that works great. u can barely notice the dry skin now :D

  ashleeyka  |  13

Yeah isn't that the disease MJ had?? That sucks... at least you don't have psoriosis (I know I have horrible spelling, at least I hope I was close) Unless that's the other skin condition you have... That would be terrible

  pinstriped31  |  7

I have psoriasis... not an Fml. I could have it a lot worse... I'm healthy and happy... so what if i have a few bad patches of skin? I take care of it... and get over it :)