By Anon - 13/06/2013 02:40 - Canada - Ottawa

Today, I woke up at 3:00 am feeling freezing cold and soaking wet. It turns out that my dad had opened my window when I was sleeping, and rain water had been pouring in on me all night. My hair, face, pillow, blankets, alarm clock, and homework were all soaked as well. FML
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I am just amazed that the OP didn't wake up right away from that.

Snow doesn't come in powder form, and what gets into your room would melt within seconds. But I see you live in Texas. Take it from a Canadian: that doesn't happen.


Once that happened to me in a snowstorm. Needless to say I felt what it was like to be Charlie Sheen for a minute!

No? No Charlie Sheen jokes? Tough crowd.

Being frozen for an entire night = Being awesome? I see the relevance.

I honestly didn't even know I was first, and I was like, oh god, now it's time to put up a memory. Problems of growing up in the North! 11- No, waking up covered in a white powder.

Snow doesn't come in powder form, and what gets into your room would melt within seconds. But I see you live in Texas. Take it from a Canadian: that doesn't happen.

bamagrl410 31

As someone else who lives in Texas (near the same metro area might I add), 14 should know it melts within seconds because all the snow we get does exactly that every time. Unfortunately.

Before you people start to ASSUME, I moved to Texas two years ago. Prior to that, I lived in Columbus, Ohio. Just because I happen to live in a place right now does not mean that I've always lived there. Think before you open your mouth.

Actually, my dad is stingy with his electricity bills and always told us to bundle up at night and pile the blankets because he didn't like to have the heat blowing up to 70 degrees. So my window happened to be opened and there was snow all over my room. Things get cold when windows are opened. Take it from an Ohioan.

I lived in Illinois for most of my life and I can say this is not true. The only way snow could pile up on your room is if your floor/house/bed was below 32 degrees. If you know anything about snow in the midwest then you'd know if the ground isn't cold enough, the snow melts as soon as it touches. If your room/house/bed was actually that cold you'd be hypothermic. Stop trying to rationalize a poor lie turned into a joke.

I remember when I had my first beer.

@57 How is that relevant??

Pee on his face while he's sleeping. Or not. Just a thought.

I am just amazed that the OP didn't wake up right away from that.

Probably a deep sleeper. I've had cups of water thrown on me in attempts to wake me up, and it doesn't always work.

#3, i just wanted to say; Not bad.

Yeah...I was thinking that. I'd wake up when my dad walked in the room, but I have seen some scary deep sleepers...

I can sleep through anything but being jostled. Slept through an alarm and was woken by my parents because the alarm bugged them.

I wouldn't have. Im a deep sleeper. I cannot wake up to alarms, my fire alarm died one night and needed to be replaced. I slept through it, my parents changing the battery, and my dog barking. The fire alarm is located literally two steps from my room.

That's balls OP! Plan an ingenious scheme to get him back!

Maybe there's a bright side to this....! You didn't get sick and you could play the guilt (insurance) card to get a new mattress, alarm clock and what have you's!

21 - Why would they get sick? You can't get sick from being cold and/or wet.

While being exposed to cold and/or wet conditions will not literally give you a virus, you could easily get a severe chill and lower your immune defenses to the point where it would be very easy to contract one of the many viruses floating around in the air. That's why people say you get sick from being out in the cold/wet without adequate protection. Also, hypothermia, you know.

lmfao. #32, when you're warm, your pores open up all over your body, hence sweat. when cold wind & rain start to hit you, that seeps into your pores before they close, lower your body temp & possibly get you sick with a cold or a flu. that's why people say not to walk outside right after a shower. educate yourself....if you can.

That's not how you say balls, Garth.

That's not the worst thing ever. At least there weren't various animals crawling through the window and nesting in your room, too.

or that creepy guy from down the street.

And it's a really good thing you don't keep your phone on your bed

Dump a bucket of water all over him and his stuff.

You must be quite a heavy sleeper.

Were you as pissed off as a cat being bathed?

believe it or not but my mom does the same thing for some reason... all my dad does is come into my room at 5 a.m. and go through my stuff without reacting on anything I say...-.-

is your dad sleep walking or messing with you? parents can be so weird!

How did you not wakeup? I thought I was a deep sleeper