By NoorFML - 13/09/2013 13:24 - United States

Today, I woke up and saw that my alarm clock had fallen on the floor. It read 9:05 am. I panicked because I was late for work. As I frantically got ready, I went to pick my alarm clock up to place it back on my nightstand when I realized it was upside down. The actual time was 5:06. FML
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At least you could sleep a while longer :)

Well It must have felt awesome to go back to sleep


At least you could sleep a while longer :)

I agree, there aren't too many things better than the feeling you get when you realize you have more time to sleep

Well at least you got an early start

Well It must have felt awesome to go back to sleep

At least you're early!

Your life truly does suck, Noor. What does this make? Three?

I believe this clocks in at 3, although i can't confirm Noor deny it.

How did you miss the placement of the : ?

when you've just woken up you can't see too good and you're mind doesn't work as well, many reasons why OP could have mistaken the time.

*your, ffs

And the upside-down 5...

Assuming the alarm clock was digital, the 5 would appear the same upside down as it would normally.

maybe OP wears glasses.

he was in bed. even if he did he wouldn't have them on.

At least you didn't have to snooze it for the whimsical life changing 5 extra minutes of sleep like I did this morning...

the early bird gets the worm I guess

But "the second mouse gets the cheese". :P

But if Noor is a ninja and not a bird or a mouse, what does a ninja get?

Fortune cookies???

Dunno if the worse part is waking up way earlier or the inability to go back to sleep..

I know there are a lot of people like that; once they're up, they're up! Luck for me, I can fall asleep at the drop of a hat. I'm thinking a quick power nap is going to be in my near future! (:

Oh noor. Haha. Silly. Hope you went back to sleep!!