By sadwife - United States
Today, I woke up and my husband said he got me a gift for our 1 year anniversary and it was on the table. We laid around cuddling and when I finally got up I was expecting to walk out to beautiful bouquet of flowers. I got two pack of cigarettes. FML
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By  KyleOkposofan  |  0

Well to be honest, if you are a smoker(which I will assume you are, otherwise why would he get you cigs), two packs of cigs are probably more worthwhile to buy than some flowers which would die in a few days anyways.

But I still clicked "fyi," because it wasn't a romantic gift.

By  Scunt00  |  0

dude i'd be so happy if i got two packs of cigarettes. in all fairness, maybe it wasnt flowers or chocolate or diamonds but i'm sure he was just trying to make you happy.