By Pikababy19 - 18/08/2016 23:12 - United States - Mount Vernon

Today, I woke up and heard the shower running. Would have been nice to know my father in law was here before I walked in naked. FML
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So why would you walk naked into a bathroom where the shower was running when you know you didn't turn it on? Maybe I'm reading this incorrectly, but it sounds like YDI to me.

She probably thought it was her husband


So why would you walk naked into a bathroom where the shower was running when you know you didn't turn it on? Maybe I'm reading this incorrectly, but it sounds like YDI to me.

He thought his wife was showering and went in to shower with her and maybe have some kinky fun ;)

She probably thought it was her husband

Just a wild guess here, but seeing as she said "my father in law" I'm under the assumption she has a husband and thought it was him in the shower. But that is just my crazy theory.

She most likely would've expected her husband to be in there and not her father in law

Alright, just two more posts, and I really think we'll have driven the point home.

Well then here's one: She probably thought it was her husband in the shower and didn't know her father-in-law was even there.

Besides, why shouldn't she walk around her house naked? It's her house.

and the second: she probably assumed it was her husband rather than her father in law

*you turn the key and pull it out of the ignition, silencing the purr of the engine. In the passenger seat, the point leans over and thanks you for all your effort before opening the door and leaving. The point approaches its house and thinks about how happy it is you drove it home*

Thank you all for explaining. I really didn't understand why she'd walk in there naked, and now I feel stupid lol.

Just realized I totally read this wrong and mixed up the roles a ridiculous amount. By he I meant she and by wife I meant husband, thanks for understanding.

Never been married I'm guessing

I thought it could have been my husband...

"Interestingly, my wife has a birthmark in the same place. I wonder if I passed down a genetic predisposition to finding mates with that birthmark attractive… Well, anyway, you should probably leave. Wouldn't want this to be weird."

Did you think the shower turned itself on or something and didn't feel the need to at least put something on to go check it out? Seems like common sense to me.

I expect that since she has a father in law that she also has a husband. The natural thought process then is that the husband is the one who turned on the shower and that it would be fun to join him.

yeah I generally investigate why my shower is on while naked.

See, it wasn't a investigation. It was an attempt to join the spouse.

I'm sure that you knocked more than his socks off too.

he was in the shower he wasn't wearing socks. duh

lol someone enjoyed the free show ;)

Well now you know roughly what your husband's future looks like!

Are you ok? I mean that would've scared me. I probably wouldn't be able to look at my spouse the same way ever again.

That'll make for some fun Christmas stories

Be prepared for some awkward eye contact between you and your father-in-law. The best thing to do is to talk to him and explain what happened and also tell your husband so that in the future, he will hopefully inform you of anyone staying over. I'm sure it was as awkward for your father-in-law, as it was for you. It still sucks though, OP, hopefully something like this, won't happen in the future

You should have jumped in with him. Where's your commitment to water conservation?!?!?

Wow, downvotes? Y'all are some humorless, water conservation hating prudes!