By AbandonedHouseWife - 17/10/2012 20:16 - Canada - Grande Prairie

Today, I woke up and found a little note where my husband should have been. It said, "We've had some good times, hun, but it's time for me to move on." We've been married for 15 years, and have 3 children. FML
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What a jerk..

What a spineless tool!


What a jerk..

A difficult situation obviously...the best thing to do is also trying to move on and sue his ass for child support.

^ Im not sure if you realize this but you can actually comment on the FML itself if you are addressing the OP. Crazy, I know.

More like, what a pussy! A guy who can't even talk to his wife about getting a divorce, face to face, has no balls. That's just as bad as getting a text or email stating, "We're over!" This goes for females too. I'm sorry, Original Poster, that you were married to boy for 15 years and he took the easiest way out. You deserve and will find a man much better.

29, I'm the thread jack or 9 is? I was adding on to the main comment.

Go back to sleep... It's all a dream

Crew boy, you tell me to stop the war on thread jacking but look what you're doing.

OP, your husband sounds like a running winner to me..

Think of the children!!

*Stabs 9 over and over with gigantic knife* Fucking thread jackers. Sorry 1, I'll dispose of the body.

I don't mind the threadjackers when they post it on a shitty first comment. Come on, #1, a little more effort next time please. I understand the pressure of being first, but don't post something we've seen a million times on a million different FMLs. Creativity is paramount.

He could be a jerk.... Or maybe she left out the reason why he really left that note. I don't know though, I'm pretty convinced that they had a huge fight the night before and she might have threatened to kill him. If I were him I'd have gotten lost too.... No, but seriously OP, that sucks!

Does nobody understand sarcasm anymore? Seriously...

What would Sean Astin do?!

-18, He or she may not have found out all the "secrets" to the android app. It doesn't have directions and it took me a while to figure out how to post to the fml itself; not just replies.

197 Well that depends... If it were good sarcasm and not cheesy stupid sarcasm. :)

I agree. I have been with my husband 13 years. Married 10. He was my high school sweetheart. I had been with a couple boys but he is the only MAN I have been with (job, responsibilities, man sized penis). I don't know how to date. Find someone. Terrifying.

Very considerate for a jerk if you think he is his life was done there time to move on why be in a relationship if your going to hate it every day.

Seriously, who does that?

258. OP's husband...

What a spineless tool!

Them damn invertebrate instruments have no regard for anyone but themselves.

That is a SERIOUS dick move

The fact that he couldn't even say what that to her face makes me sick. "Spineless tool" is putting it nicely.

He's probably been thinking about this for awhile then, unfortunate really. He's a poor excuse of a man.

95 is right I don't believe spineless tool is harsh enough. Maybe a spineless pathetic bitch. But even that might not be harsh enough!

You know, I've watched my parents' marriage fall apart and get put back together more than once. And if there's one thing I've learned it's that you never know the whole story, so don't act on part of it.The guys a dick for just leaving but for all we know OP could be a psycho.

People these days don't think of anyone but themselves. That was such a jerky move, but to do it in a note shows how immature that grown man is.

Wow, what a complete douchenozzle and asshat... That's horrible :( I hope you take him for everything he has!

Along with douchenozzle and asshat, I would also classify him as an asscricket.

Or an assnozzle and a douchehat.

Good play on words, 40... Lol.

Lol Olpally!

Hmmm let me try... How about poop chute pirate?

Asahat is the worst insult ever. So unoriginal

How about a thunderhumper and dickmuncher?

Usually if someone is going to do that they tend to hide so they don't have to pay child support, etc. Unless of course they were never good at hide & seek as a child.

or maybe Moby Dickwad

It's nice seeing that come from a guy

I've got one. Weenerwhacker!!!

Kind of sounds like a joke but that would be a cruel joke.

I doubt it would be posted on FML if it was just a joke unless she was like.. Oh my husband did this and scared the shit out of me this mornin FML.. Which is always a possibility

Or OP doesn't know it's a joke do she posted it here. #4 is just saying that it could /possibly/ be a cruel joke on the husband's side.

Yeah I'm thinking it has to be a joke, he can't be serious... But then again, there are a lot of assholes in this world.

If she posted before finding out it was a joke, why was her first reaction to submit onto FML?

Well I know some people's first reaction is to post on Facebook, so maybe for OP instead of Facebook, it's FML.

115, in this day and age, the appropriate thing to do is tell the world your problems before you even think about trying to solve them. Everyone on this site knows that

Here here 136. If even a small portion of the human race shared half a brain then perhaps problems could be solved and everyone wouldn't be so miserable. FML is the most appropriate forum for publicly airing your problems. But Facebook is nothing but a bunch of whiney princesses. Complaining never solved problems. Actions solve problems. While typing this it dawned on me maybe that's why OPs husband left...... Rant over

If it were a "joke," it would definitely deserve an FML. That joke would be kind of sociopathic.

#4 on a radio station this lady had to call her husband and lie to him telling him their kids weren't really his just to get concert tickets. In the process he confessed that he slept with his wife's sister and then she was all like "Oh no please tell me you're kidding" and stuff like that

115- Here's something you may not have considered: people lie on the Internet. It could have been a joke, but OP realized the humor potential of posting it on FML. I wouldn't be surprised if 90% of the approved FML's were either distorted truths or completely made up.

What a scumbag. I hope this haunts him.

Hopefully he's just being a gigantic asshole and he'll be home by the end of the day... If not, sell all his shit or burn it

If that was done tome I'd have the licks changed by the end of the day. I know some people go through mid life crisis type things or freak out for stupid reasons, but if he isn't man enough to talk it out, then he shouldn't expect to be let back in if he changes his mind.

Autocorrect strikes again, eh 55?

Auto correct and pain meds. Never a good combo rofl

Seems to me that he just showed you've had four children all along; that is not the way a decent man acts. You have my sympathies, OP.

Sorry op. get a very good lawyer. Don't get mad, get everything!!

Why is everyone's 1st thought on here to sue/get a lawyer?

Because negotiatiating is for cowards, I guess.

Because at the top it says "abandoned housewife" meaning she probably isn't working and can't support her and her children yet. So that's why it's necessary.

The real question is, why wouldn't you get a lawyer and fuck his world up after that crap? Think about it. Put yourself in OP's shoes. Three kids don't pay for themselves, and if she let him off the hook that easily he'd be living it up elsewhere and she'd be stuck struggling to make ends meet. If he really wanted a divorce that badly he should have confronted her face to face and worked it out like a real man, not leave a "peace out best of luck" note. She deserves justice.

24 - what would your suggestion be, if not to get a lawyer?

Why is everyone's first thought to sue? Because America. Come on, that's what americans do best. Sue and eat. And then sue because of the food you ate.

Splitting a couples belongings hardly compares to suing anyone else. Op has the kids to take care of.

What fricken bitch. Doesn't even have the balls to say it to your face.

lol @ "fricken" bitch

Reminds me of... "You mean to tell me we have fricken sharks with fricken laser beams on their fricken heads?!"