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Today, I woke up after taking a sleep pill for the first time. I started in on a number of chores including paying bills when I noticed a new charge on my online credit card bill from 1am. I bought $120 worth of meat from an infomercial. It's non-refundable. I'm vegetarian. FML
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Sleep events with amnesia are quite common, especially with pills like Ambien. I've known someone on sleeping pills who walked to the gas station on the corner of our street, bought a pack of cigarettes and a bag of chips, ate the chips and smoked half the pack, then went back to bed and didn't remember a thing the next morning.
It's a fairly common side effect.

Though I'm questioning why the poster would buy meat if she's a vegetarian. During most sleep events, a person will go about their normal, day-to-day life, not do something contrary to what they would usually do during a normal alert and awake state.
Also, this sounds WAY too much like the FML about the VegHead who got drunk as hell then ate a few pounds of hamburger meat.
I'm considering calling shenanigans.

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Ohhh... that's disgusting. Donate it to a shelter. And if what you took was an Ambien, you should know that what you did is pretty typical for people who react poorly to that drug.