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By  zombieslayer83  |  19

I guess he fu¢#ed the shit out of you!

  dwc2134  |  5

Maybe he was just joking or poking fun at the fact she did? Kinda sounds like something I'd do with a girl I was comfortable enough with. Never seriously, such as "What the fuck you doing farting so much, bitch?" but "You know... you fart a lot in your sleep lovey..."...

Just playing the devils advocate here.

  Werken247  |  14

@27 I heard they only urinate when fucked with a full bladder. Still not sure I buy the bit about females shitting... think that's just pushing the limits of reality.

By  ladylilly25  |  20

Now, did they wake him up or was he just taking forever to fall asleep? I rather think the former would be much worse. Either way, that's embarrassing! He shouldn't have said anything. :/