By Dave - United States
Today, I woke up after having a nightmare that my girlfriend broke up with me. Needing reassurance, I told her about it. She became furious with me saying that she'd never do that and called me an "inconsiderate fucking bastard for even thinking that." Then she broke up with me. FML
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  freshberries22  |  17

Yea it's a possibility that she used that as an excuse but sometimes when you have dreams about your loved ones it's usually a unconscious fear you have about them and it manifested itself in ones dream.

  AlexaWuzHere  |  31

72, I agree that a lot of the time it can be an unconscious fear; however, I once had a dream about my (ex) boyfriend cheating on me, and, without me even mentioning the dream, I found out that it was true the very next morning.

  Misskayfoyer  |  14

92- the reason you most likely had that dream is because while you are asleep the brain thinks about the past day/week or month and tries to solve problems. A dream is the brains way of trying to either predict what the outcome of past events will be or solve problems we are currently having, now while this may not seem true for most dreams it is true for a lot of them. Even the ones we don't understand. Our brains don't always tell us in the most direct fashion, and most of the time we forget the dream entirely.

  Misskayfoyer  |  14

92-in short, he probably was showing the 'red flags' of cheating, but you didn't full pick up on them or you didn't find them suspicious. (And I mean who would? No one expects that) while you were asleep though, your brain pieced those clues together, resulting in the dream.

The brain is a fascinating thing..... (Sorry for the rant haha)

By  KiiwiiRox  |  6

Well that was stupid of her to say, then do.

Not trying to be mean, but USUALLY it means she had been trying to break up with you already and that was her opportunity...
Sorry OP!


You haven't been here NEARLY long enough to know the unwritten rules of FML.

If you did, you would know that:

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2.)Alan is an (ironic) advocate against mirror pictures (a.k.a AAMP).

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