By stupiddrunk - 01/03/2011 01:10 - United Kingdom

Today, I woke up after a night out drinking on my sofa, with an electric dog collar around my neck and handcuffs on my wrists. The keys were on the other side of the invisible doggy fence. FML
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ritzbits 0

it wouldn't been sexier if you were naked.

kingtz 6

Kinky! YDI for not getting electrified nipple clamps to go with your outfit.


ritzbits 0

it wouldn't been sexier if you were naked.

LaneyyLOVE 0

Really! Mustv'e been one hell of a night!

bebz_fml 0

you could take the collar off..

AsianCookie247 14

hahaha ^^ I was thinking the same thing

How would you suggest they take the collar off if they have handcuffs on?

goodbacon 2

Reach behind his head and unhook it. Just because he's handcuffed doesn't mean he cant move his hands together.

ShadyFTW1 0

No, you can still reach over your head and behind your neck.

Naked, hands cuffed behind his back and with the electric dog collar around his genitals. That's how my mom would have done it.

I bet the dog was the one who got the op

nutsackmuscle 0

hello OP do you wanna play little game. :)

i hate to think how u found out where the keys were

cryssycakesx3 22

the better idea is turning off the fence...

dank1 0
duckie227 22

hmm...tough one op unless you're very flexible and can get your arms to the front of your body. Ouch :/

iSitt 0

op didn't say his hands were behind him. and the book DUNE says you are human, so you can ignore the non lethal (by design) shock to reach the keys. However, pics of you last night are all over facebook by now. So fyl for that.

you probably were the one who suggested in your drunken stupor that you could pull off the escape... I don't feel bad for you OP

Qluz 3

invisible doggy fence.....?!

It's like a sensor parameter so dogs get shocked if they go near or past the edge of it.

Basically it's an invisible fence if the dog or whatever is wearing the collar passes it will get shocked to mark the area you place special flags it's happened to me also

mintcar 9

YDI. YDI. Drinking to the point of being completely inebriated is something I'll never understand.

yeah. you don't need to drink to say stupid shit :D

You have proved that for the second time today 48. If mintcar doesn't want to "invest" in alcohol that's her choice. Stop being a douche sir.

ThickHead 0

legs are long, just take off your shoes an socks, you can do that even with handcuffed hands