By nt121511
Today, I woke up after a long night of taking care of my drunken husband. I guess I should feel lucky I don't have a generic, "He wet the bed in his sleep" story, and instead have a unique, "He got out of bed and peed on me" story. FML
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By  manuwish  |  9

o dear OP, that sounds horrible..hope he is getting treatment for his alcohol's very loving of you to support him, but you really don't have to go though all this with need to draw the line somewhere, hope you survive this OP

By  FoxOne_fml  |  12

I am sorry to break this but I actually know up to several people where the guy drunkly peed on their girlfriend laying in the bed.

I wish it wasn't true but apparently guys manage to use anything as toilet when they are drunk - loudspeakers, girlfriend, pull out a drawer in bedroom and sit on it and poop...