By Anonymous
Today, I witnessed my psycho neighbor put her cat in a cage, cross into my backyard, and set the cage down before returning to her house. She then called the cops and claimed I'd stolen her cat. The cops didn't believe my side of the story for a second. FML
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  jerryj  |  27

75, what better evidence can there be than a nice little photo of OP holding the caged cat (whether on the neighbour's, or OP's own backyard)?
Best would be not to leave any fingerprints behind.

  NotGabe  |  28

You might want to reread the FML again.

  dancinwookie  |  21

Yeah. Because the little Pikachu in a karate outfit couldn't possibly remind someone of a song about Kung-Fu fighting. Next time I'll make sure not to make any pop culture references.