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  Sonfang  |  19

Maybe she was sniffing to check freshness...guys complain when girls smell down there. So really op it's your fault, you forced her to smell her fingers.

  n0d0ubtx0xo  |  0

maybe... just MAYBE... she had an itch and was seeing if it smelled weird. she may have had a yeast infection recently and was wondering if it was better. regardless, it's not an FML. gross, yes, but not fml worthy.

  yuggi1  |  11

O.O umm.. I've seen guys doing that! don't get why people feel so uncomfortable with the human body.
Don't get why guys feel the need to call it gross when they are reputed to do worse. :P
Btw OP, you are a jerk! She was probably in the bathroom grooming herself >_<. I bet you sneaked that eye-full.

  christa953  |  12

22 I didn't say guys always do that. I only said I have seen boys do that. and no I didn't go out with a guy who did that... or at least I think. hahaha

  akaashR  |  0

there was a saying/meme ages ago called Scratch and Sniff. this was like 80-90's and it was a huge thing back then. (yes the same scratch and sniff that the OPs gf did) and it was a unisex thing. both guys and girls did it. I guess her parents did then. :P

  Igor_g5  |  0

Yes I wash thoroughly when I shower and so does my GF. But sometimes a lot of hot sweaty hours pass between our showers and the time one of us sticks our face in it. Just because you washed it this morning doesn't mean it smells good tonite.


guys scratch or fix them selves because they have something to adjust or a hair caught. with that said I don't know any girls that need to fix their lips or that would sniff their fingers after they scratch. were's she scratching that that would make her think it needed a good whiff.