By anonymous - 19/04/2012 22:33 - United States - Westwood

Today, I witnessed a car accident. Being an experienced paramedic, I rushed to the scene to see if anyone needed help. As I assessed the people involved, one of them pickpocketed me. FML
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Why is it always the person being good that's fucked?

amayranii 2

So much for trying to help


omfg_creepers 8

Must have not had insurance, hopefully he did something good with the money like repairing his car.

BehindU 5

Are you defending a thief?

Or invested the money in classes that teach how to pickpocket better.

31 obviously he pickpocketed well if he got away with it

35: Why not perfect it?

We don't know that he got away with it.

47- You've earned your monicle.

Considering op said one of them pickpocketed me, without knowing which one, he did indeed get away with it.

Wait wait wait wait... Are you expecting a name on FML?!?! Or what? His position in line? Would it have been more relevant to say that it was the third one from the right?

71 - I take the reverse implication. Since he knew he had his pocket picked (rather than simply dropping his wallet at the roadside, or whatever, which would be very easy when attending to crash-site victims I'm sure) then I think that implies the thief was caught.

Hey, it's a good idea: paramedics carry some good shit, like, morphine or other painkillers.

88- in their wallets???

Well if one of them pickpocketed him & HADNT gotten away with it, it wouldn't have been an FML

amayranii 2

So much for trying to help

No good deed goes unpunished!

Such a shitty world we live in for someone to do that.

anonymous100000 17

can't trust anyone these days. FYL OP

That's what you get for doing a good deed, that sucks op

Just what I was thinking. No good deed goes unpunished, eh?

Your heart was in the right place

I'm sure it was all a ploy to pickpocket a lowly paramedic. Thieves these days.

How the fuck does OP deserve it. Shame on everyone who clicked YDI.

lukep135 6

Apperently his wallet was too, for the thief that is

Why is it always the person being good that's fucked?

theevilduchess 12

Because this is FML...

I'm a good person but not once did I get f*cked.. :(

#41 poor you! Someday you will get f*cked!

stevenJB 25

Awh! I'll f*ck you! :3

Murphies law. Karma just doesn't show up as often.

I enjoy being f*cked.

I don't wanna get f*cked.

KiddNYC1O 20

Bad things happen to good people. Unfortunate, I know...

Jakesterk96 8

76- good 2 know.

Not just in FML, but in general. Stop trying to be all smart..

tjv3 10

Because this world is going to hell , but not in a hand basket, no sir we traded the hand basket for a top fuel dragster. We are in the express lane baby

SchellShocka 1

Ain't that a bitch!

jerseyboy732 16

if only you were an experienced cop, you could have arrested them...

Or just be like me, none of the above, to avoid the situation

Ow, my back! *slides hand into wallet* ow it hurts so bad! ;) haha sorry OP!

Wow, I guess it's true. No good deed goes un punished

And here is why I am losing faith in humanity. You go to help someone and you get screwed over. Is there no justice in this world?

makowiec 11

Agreed.. This is one of the few genuine fml's on here :s

That's why there's a Justice League.

THERE IS NO JUSTICE. THERE IS JUST ME.* * Not actually _me_, you understand.