By Anonymous - France - Paris
Today, I went with my boyfriend to meet his parents. I had to excuse myself to use the bathroom, and I ended up taking a huge crap that wouldn't flush. I had to reach in and break it up with my hands just so it would flush. Only after I washed up did I notice a plunger sitting under the sink. FML
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By  memowgirl  |  10

That's a shitty situation

  ZomBgal  |  12

why???? Some of us would love to have first comment. We would respect the almighty first comment spot. We would treat it right, respect it, make it feel appreciated like it deserves.

We wouldn't slap it in the face, murder it and then piss on its grave like you might as well have just done.

  \  |  28

Pact violator. #1 is hereby excluded from the Awesome FMLers Treaty.

  KK3137  |  31

Have you read the story about the guy who took a crap and had nothing but a Bible to wipe with, and then his life suddenly spiraled into homelessness, drugs and very interesting adventures? It's very graphic, but it's a great read of how one small action can have terrible, unexpected consequences..


1. sit down
2. do your business
then if you clog the toilet at someone's house
you must
1. panic for 30 seconds
2. look everywhere
3. use your hand
4. wash your hands for 30 seconds
5. never talk about what happened