By Anonymous - 16/11/2013 19:31 - France - Paris

Today, I went with my boyfriend to meet his parents. I had to excuse myself to use the bathroom, and I ended up taking a huge crap that wouldn't flush. I had to reach in and break it up with my hands just so it would flush. Only after I washed up did I notice a plunger sitting under the sink. FML
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You didn't think to look around before resorting to sticking your hand into a toilet filled with your own fecal matter?

You need to eat more fiber.


That's a shitty situation

*slaps bad #1

You had the first comment and you blew it.

I hate you a little bit..

17 when I read your comment I started singing Kelly Clarkson's Since U Been Gone. Thank you.

why???? Some of us would love to have first comment. We would respect the almighty first comment spot. We would treat it right, respect it, make it feel appreciated like it deserves. We wouldn't slap it in the face, murder it and then piss on its grave like you might as well have just done.

You are very welcome #27. I can see why you chose that response. :)

\ 28

Pact violator. #1 is hereby excluded from the Awesome FMLers Treaty.

lol I get your pun. apparently the idiots above don't though.

Is that REALLY what you think, #82? That her "shitty situation" pun was too advanced for us troglodytes?

#82 has a lot to learn. #82 you must be new here.

#82, you disappoint me

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If I were in a hotel I would leave that there...

I can't believe you actually admitted to doing so..

That happened to me too! One time my dad had to break it up as well because I was 8. :P

You need to eat more fiber.

No. I think she needs to eat less fibre.

Eat more noodles. It wont help, but they are great!

46- What do you think fiber does?

Speaking of eating... I was just eating a sandwich and thought I'd catch up on FMLs. Appetite gone.

84- you eat while on FML? Bad mistake, man. I learned about a week after I started that eating and FML is a bad combination

wtf? u reached into it?

94-Idk I find eating while reading fml rather relaxing lol trick? Read in categories so you can skip the shitty ones lol :D

You didn't think to look around before resorting to sticking your hand into a toilet filled with your own fecal matter?

Agreed. That should have been a last resort.

In all of life, I have never done this. How big was this pooh? Wow.

I don't think I would've even bothered with sticking my hands in it as a last resort. I'd rather be embarrassed and wait.

#43, the pooh was so big, OP thought about naming it Winnie and setting it free to live in the Hundred Acre Woods.

Slightly better than someone else fecal matter, I suppose

Have you read the story about the guy who took a crap and had nothing but a Bible to wipe with, and then his life suddenly spiraled into homelessness, drugs and very interesting adventures? It's very graphic, but it's a great read of how one small action can have terrible, unexpected consequences..

60, how high are you dude?

Freaking amen!

that's why you check everywhere before resorting to your hand..

sometimes its too late and you just sit down without realizing. bad habit though.

1. sit down 2. do your business then if you clog the toilet at someone's house you must 1. panic for 30 seconds 2. look everywhere 3. use your hand 4. wash your hands for 30 seconds 5. never talk about what happened

16- Are you talking about toilet paper? Because you can use a plunger after you have finished your business

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Just don't clog the toilet .

You need to work on your observation skills, OP. Your day would have been even worse if then you had found out there was no soap.

then there probably would have been extra soap under the sink

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No I believe there was shit actually.

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I would go to his parents and ask for the location of a plunger before resorting to my hands, regardless. Haven't touched my poop with my hands and don't plan on it.

I know your avatar is a baby but do you have kids? One day you will touch poop. Trust me.

They said they wouldn't touch their own poop, not their child's.

Also, not everyone wants to have kids. No kids = no need to touch poop (unless you're the OP, I guess)