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114, you managed to use 'you're' correctly the first time, then failed to use it the second time when it would've been correct? That's the first time I've seen that. -.-

A recollection of her ex's what? -_- Looks like you won't be bringing intelligence to the gene pool, either. Get your wife to help them with their English homework.


"a recollection of her ex boyfriends who would've fathered attractive children." Ex boyfriends, with an s, indicates multiple ex boyfriends. It's a recollection of all of them. You fail.


Alright, I'll give benefit of the doubt and withdraw my assumption, then. The comment wasn't that long after the FML was published, so I assumed it was just a lack of understanding.

Old people have the right to spew unnecessary prattle and not give a fuck.;) On a more serious note, try not to care about what she says, -she's old- . She probably won't be able to make it to the wedding. Her days are numbered.

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