By WhyMe - 26/01/2015 01:41 - United States - Wareham

Today, I went to work with a great attitude, something that doesn't happen often. It was shortly ruined after some lady yelled at me because I accidentally shorted her one penny. Yep. One single penny. FML
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And she gave you her two cents worth. Figures.

Some people really need to change their attitude.


I'm sorry OP, a penny pincher is never what you want to encounter early morning. I respect you for having a job in customer service, it's a nasty job that demands a LOT of patience and self control.

Sure its nit something to yell about, but i hate when I get shorted on anything.

It's not exactly hard to just say "Excuse me, my change isn't right, I'm short a penny". I'm not sure it's even worth hating when it's a penny!

Too bad you don't live in Canada, pennies are obsolete.

In New Zealand, the smallest coins we have are 10 cent coins, ever since we got rid of the 5 cent coin back in about 2006 (I think). 1 cent coins haven't been in circulation at all during my life time. Why bother with such tiny values?

We still have 5c coins in Canada, but no pennies :P It cost more than 1c to make a penny, and most people just threw them away, or let them get lost, or dropped them on the ground, so the gov't decided it wasn't worth the trouble anymore

Some people really need to change their attitude.

That's the moment you scream: "Anybody got a penny for this poor lady?".

And she gave you her two cents worth. Figures.

It's not about the penny; it's about the lies.

Don't let one rude person ruin your positivity. Sorry about penny pinchers Op.

Penny for your thoughts??

People are crazy. I got yelled at once for not realizing that a customer gave me a dime to make even change until I closed my cash drawer... I'll be thinking of you OP, from my drive thru Starbucks today.

wow that was bad

Set her on fire.

What an amazing idea!

Yep, nothing like a drastic overreaction to a stupid overreaction.

Fire is always the answer.

It's not the fact you suggested something so morbid for such a small problem, but the fact that the way you said those two posts makes me believe you were only somewhat joking. ._.

Try not to let the petty dumbshit get to you. It's not worth getting worked up about.

I've got to hand it to people that work in retail, they really do put up with a lot. Try to keep your head up OP, you're working and you have what it takes to keep going forward in spite of what you deal with. That's plenty to be proud of.