By SickandTired - 22/03/2011 16:59 - Australia

Today, I went to work despite having a nasty cold. I didn't call up sick because last week when I called in, my boss said I was being "unprofessional and unacceptable." My boss sent me home with a written warning today, claiming that coming to work sick was "unprofessional and unacceptable." FML
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wow , sounds like your boss is a BITCH .

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i guess ur really unprofessional and unacceptable any way u go .... damn thats not good :)


I c what u did there.

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that sucks

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I don't get it #25

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What I'm gathering from all this, OP, is that you either go to work half-assing it and complaining all day like a bitch, or you don't show up at all. Way to go, YDI.

What I have gathered is you can't be bothered creating your own comment and lazily hit reply to comment number 1.

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Learn what parallelism is in elementary English and apply it to your grammar. That way, you will seem like less of a moron when you try to shoot people down.

81 has a point. You weren't responding to the first comment; you just wanted your comment to be seen so you placed it at the top of the list. I foresee a slow, lonely death in your future.

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OMG I am clearly going to hell.

Mhm, one can only hope.

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**Bows down in the presence of the great one**

ooo,^ that's me, I'm the great one. :D

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#82: You might want to go take some elementary English yourself. #81's grammar is fine and there is no need for parallelism in this instance.

Thanks 112. Autoshot when you are neck deep in a hole, stop digging. If I was trying to shoot you down on the basis of grammar and mine was abysmal I would say fair enough, However, you decided to cling to the straws of irrelevancy. You saw I had you by the short and curlies and didn't like it.

That should read " . However..." Damn iPod.

^ I like how you are trying to act smart on the interwebs thinking it makes you cool. bit in reality you live on your parents couch at the age of 40.

Who? Me? I'm actually 18, but thanks.

Stop kissing up to the mod. It "makes you a 40 year old who lives with their parents", as the imbecile somewhere above stereotypically assumed.

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Trollin' FTW.

lol. 82 good comeback

Except that it was incorrect.

It was also made when 82 realized they had nothing else to come back with.

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wow , sounds like your boss is a BITCH .

Well in the boss's defense, OP coming into work sick can cause other people around OP to get sick.

Lol. so did she punch her?

51, Did you miss the part about being reprimanded for calling in sick the week before? It's a lose-lose... BS

yeah I agree. your boss should probably get laid or laid off lol. sorry =

What's a boss??? What's work???

I'm "da bawsss" :P sorry too old?

Ya can't win sometimes.

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^ there

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persianjr1 7



persianjr1 7

you do realize that by saying that, you have just broken the combo

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that ^

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^all if the above.

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I'm sorry op. Your boss sounds like a jerk.

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i guess ur really unprofessional and unacceptable any way u go .... damn thats not good :)

#105: Not really

106, shhhh. Let him use his fun phrases. :P

complain to HR that your boss us a douche

Theres no one else i can complain to... at my store it goes: "normal" workers (me) < department 2ic > department manager < grocery manager < duty manager > head office > store 2ic > store manager. after that you get into this: store managers < regional managers < state managers < national manaagers < finacial managers. It is literally impossible for me to speak to anyone higher up (the boss in question is my store manager) a) because the regional is even more of a douche than my store and b) because the bosses higher than the stores only communicate with the stores, the store 2ics and the duty managers. ive never even met my regional. and yes, im looking for a new job... but theres no where so far that can offer me the same wage, hours and benefits. wish me luck? =P

damn, good luck!! :)

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that suuucks

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That's terrible. :( I'm sorry OP. But did you explain the situation to him/her?

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Explaining would clearly have no effect whatsoever.

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Well someone had to say something that one could do in the practical world without being fired. I still think OP should talk to the boss, and if that doesn't help, the boss's boss.

i tried to explain, i stated all my symptoms and said that i wasnt up to the job ( i work in a very high-standard retail store. its the "example store" that the rest of the stores are meant to follow, so the bosses are all really strict and uptight) and i couldnt come in. The bosses at my store (the department managers, the duty manager and the store managers, in this case i spoke to the store manager, top of the tree) all throw around the phrase "unprofessional" so much its ridiculous. They use it whenever anyone of their workers does or says something that they find personally offensive. Its no way to run a business, and store moral is at the lowest point possible. I would quit, but im finding it very hard to find a new job that can get me the same hours and pay. ha. fml -_-'

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Seems like your boss is a real dick! My advice: try to find a new job! :D