By Anonymous / Sunday 22 March 2009 01:41 / United States
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  ryguy997  |  0

I hav no idea how you could forget something like that espcialy since that was the whole reason you were there. you forgetful person you. and how did it take that long to remember it?

  Zazoo1995  |  23


If you enter your pin in backwards, it notifies the police of the ATM location and sends a distress signal. If you're phone is dead or youre at an ATM and you feel threatened, you can enter it backwards.

It's on EVERY ATM!


By  leyla_fml  |  0

I would never be able to just forget my cash there.

I've heard of people going through drive thrus and forgetting to pick up the things they ordered, and just driving away .. but cash, wow!

By  genius_man16  |  0

agree with #6. Seriously, maybe you should have more faith in people. I mean, unless he was in a hoodie and carrying a blunt weapon or something i could understand, but maybe you shouldn't assume he was trying to get your account info. He might just not understand personal space or something. Or maybe he was in a hurry, who knows.

YDI big time. Good for the guy that got some free money, although i will admit that he was a semi-dick for not pointing out you left your money, unless he noticed that you thought he was a creep and wanted to get you back.