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  Dr_Uglord  |  0

I don't think he's such a terrible child. sometimes parents and kids just lose touch. give him some credit for at least going to visit. that's more than a lot of people would do.

  locomotion  |  0

It's funny how so many people are saying he/she is a horrible child. None of you know whether it's the OP's fault or not that they haven't kept in touch. And obviously the OP took the initiative to try and contact their parents, while the parents didn't feel the need to inform him/her that they moved.

  happyhak  |  5

4 years is quite a long time...but I would expect any parent to inform their child of their house moving...I don't really think your parents love you like they should because if they did, I'm sure you would recieve the news from them. So, there is no point wasting time just to track them down. Just carry on with your life, become successful and rich then watch them slowly crawl back to you in need of your wealth. :)

  Melvar_10  |  3

Cookie monster u basically started this on yourself. So unless u are willing to deal with the critisism of others, u should stop critisizing others. Simple.

  Cassie17_fml  |  0

Actually rawrslutcakes you need to back off. Your the one who started this crap and all this name calling. And cookie does have friends and backups. One of them is me. So chill out and go cry to your hoes.

  rawrcupcakesz  |  0

"Bitch you need to back off with your fake plastic looking self. All you want is attention with your ugly self. Cookie is gorgeous with her natural self while you have died hair a lot of makeup and making some ugly poses. And that is the truth"

why couldn't you post it here?
1. fake plastic looking self? I break out a lot like right now. I use proactive
2. I know I am ugly tell me something I don't know
3. I don't recall calling her ugly. she is pretty
4. I didn't know dying your hair was bad
5. You failed at trying to put me down:)

I won't tell you shit because I don't know you.

  Freeze_fml  |  16

He/she probably didn't put it here so it wouldn't annoy people actually trying to read the comments.

Keep it to yourself, pest.

As for name calling, if it bothers you, stop putting up suggestive pictures. If it doesn't bother you, STHU already.

  SpyderMonkee  |  0

Your pic is suggestive because your boobs are in the very center of the pic, which appears to be intentional. However, rawr's pic is not thanks to her covering herself up. You can't really call anyone who's not exposing themselves, or flirting with ransoms a slut. Sorry, but you kinda fail for getting so poesy toward people you don't even know.

  deathcab7  |  0

okay so things we established in this feed:
1.cookie monster has pms right now
2. rawr has boobs
3. everyone just loves to get into internet fights
4. wee need to calm down and think of rainbows and happy stuff.
cool so noww we can move on. (:

  darckirra  |  0

You're all about the tech, aren't you Rose? lol

OP why hve you gone so Lon without seeing them? And I'm sure if you called them they would let you know where they are.


oh my god.. like it matters who's pretty or not! since when is FML a "who is more pretty" competition?
that being said.. cookie seems like an attention whore and so does her friend. rawr didnt do anything wrong. stop trying to cause problems, you stupid drama queens.

  time4coffee  |  3

I assume this means you were also not in touch with them for 4 years. YDI for not calling for 4 years just to check in. Sucks that they didn't tell you but do you answer their calls?