By Anonymous - 24/05/2010 17:12 - Canada

Today, I went to visit my parents after 4 years of not seeing them. They moved without telling me. FML
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mama2b3 20

maybe there's a reason? why were you not in contact with them for so long? coo coo cachoo


call them? you are a terrible child.

get revenge on those basterds! Die hard 5 ?

I am wid u...lolz

I don't think he's such a terrible child. sometimes parents and kids just lose touch. give him some credit for at least going to visit. that's more than a lot of people would do.

clanceyrocks11 0

awh, I'm sorry OP

honestlove11 0

hmm your parents suck.

OP, try google? But yes, FYL for having to drive to them, for nothing!

locomotion 0

It's funny how so many people are saying he/she is a horrible child. None of you know whether it's the OP's fault or not that they haven't kept in touch. And obviously the OP took the initiative to try and contact their parents, while the parents didn't feel the need to inform him/her that they moved.

cookie_monster2 0

''blah blah blah'' @24 you tlk too much

YDI for not calling ahead. And for living in Cana-.... Nvm, I don't want to start it again.

cookie_monster2 0

@26 you laready started it....WITH ME!!!

rawrcupcakesz 0

You are the next Joe Dirt. Google them or facebook or myspace them. Also there's an app called date check.

cookie_monster2 0

i dont agree with any of you

4 years is quite a long time...but I would expect any parent to inform their child of their house moving...I don't really think your parents love you like they should because if they did, I'm sure you would recieve the news from them. So, there is no point wasting time just to track them down. Just carry on with your life, become successful and rich then watch them slowly crawl back to you in need of your wealth. :)

cookie_monster2 0

@29 not everyone has a facebook, or a myspace. and not everyone is on google. think b4 u write

shut up cookie_monster. just shut up.

Fang_Banger 0

Holy shit cookie_monster shut the fuck up please!

34 I thought I was going to be the one who had to say it

rawrcupcakesz 0

I think OP can google them atleast cookie monster or should I call you pussy monster.

FMLhockeyNHL 0

rawr take the writing out of ur name

rawrcupcakesz 0

wifey change that picture only I can see that!!! Oh no I love that name and plus I don't want to show off gods gift lol.

cookie_monster2 0

haha 34 got modded. and were you talking to me @34 and @36?

rawrcupcakesz 0

you will alley<3 Yes pussy monster I was talking to you.

cookie_monster2 0

@38 don't even think about talking to me like that. U don't know me

At least OP finally made an effort to visit, rents just skipped town!

rawrcupcakesz 0

cookie=pussy duh! sorry my comment showed up as #34

cookie_monster2 0

Listen RawrSlutCakes I wasn't talking to you when I said 36 34 and 35 so you can learn to count.

rawrcupcakesz 0

When I get home. I am at the sushi bar right now lol.

rawrcupcakesz 0

pussy monster you failed!!!

Fang_Banger 0

eh pussymonster I think rawrcupcake has a right to you were just being annoying as fuck. glad I'm not the only one who thought so

cookie_monster2 0

@52 says the girl who's basically naked. Maybe u need to shut up. And I'll be annoying if I want to. You ain't my mom

when you said guess what, I guessed you are gay.

x805xUnknown 6

Why is everybody so mean? Roll a God-damn joint, smoke some bowls and POOF! The anger goes away...

rawrcupcakesz 0

Let all just leave pussy monster alone. Pms better I don't want to thread jack or whatever it's called anymore.

cookie_monster2 0

Yes please. Do what rawrslutcakes said. Bug the hell out of me 'cos I'm totally annoying.

Cookie monster u basically started this on yourself. So unless u are willing to deal with the critisism of others, u should stop critisizing others. Simple.

rawrcupcakesz 0

pussy monster the name you gave me was a fail. So please save your brain cells.

Cassie17_fml 0

Actually rawrslutcakes

rawrcupcakesz 0

^^ Not complete sentence.

x805xUnknown 6

#42 Gods gift<3

Cassie17_fml 0

Actually rawrslutcakes you need to back off. Your the one who started this crap and all this name calling. And cookie does have friends and backups. One of them is me. So chill out and go cry to your hoes.

rawrcupcakesz 0

#71 please finish your sentence.

rawrcupcakesz 0

I never said that she start anything. Name calling? Oh shit please don't tell my parents:(

SpyderMonkee 0

Hahaha! This thread is like a mosh pit. Everyone's attacking everyone for no reason. *Braces self*

Cassie17_fml 0

Oh so now your crying? Oh wow. And it's not a fail because I like rawrslutcakes. Your the dumb one. Oh and rawrslutcakes I sent you a little message :)

booobs roooockk

sahaha spudermonkee lol please tell me you know what the spider monkey us (& no I'm not talking about the animal) lmao I never had god's gift :(

SpyderMonkee 0

Eh my username is actually just my xbox360 gamertag. But isn't there a band or something named spydermonkee?

This will teach you to call ahead... no one likes an unwanted vistor. Sucks for you though!! Google their ass and get back in touch.

Lowa_fml 3

ydi for waiting 4 years to see them

rawrcupcakesz 0

Cassie you make me laugh. I rather like you calling me rawrcubbycake. Sounds more fitting.

Cassie17_fml 0

Sounds cheesy. Oh you lol. Then yeah it does fit you :)

rawrcupcakesz 0

"Bitch you need to back off with your fake plastic looking self. All you want is attention with your ugly self. Cookie is gorgeous with her natural self while you have died hair a lot of makeup and making some ugly poses. And that is the truth" why couldn't you post it here? 1. fake plastic looking self? I break out a lot like right now. I use proactive 2. I know I am ugly tell me something I don't know 3. I don't recall calling her ugly. she is pretty 4. I didn't know dying your hair was bad 5. You failed at trying to put me down:) I won't tell you shit because I don't know you.

Rawr D-cup cakes?

rawrcupcakesz 0

haha Sean good one. I love your cat pictures even tho I hate cats.

He/she probably didn't put it here so it wouldn't annoy people actually trying to read the comments. Keep it to yourself, pest. As for name calling, if it bothers you, stop putting up suggestive pictures. If it doesn't bother you, STHU already.

Cassie17_fml 0

@94 how is my picture suggestive? I have on a wife beater with some sweats. That's not suggestive at all?

SpyderMonkee 0

Your pic is suggestive because your boobs are in the very center of the pic, which appears to be intentional. However, rawr's pic is not thanks to her covering herself up. You can't really call anyone who's not exposing themselves, or flirting with ransoms a slut. Sorry, but you kinda fail for getting so poesy toward people you don't even know.

SpyderMonkee 0

*poesy=pissy* Stupid phone made me fail while telling Cassie he fails :/

I wasn't talking to you, #96.

I epicly lold when I read this fml, yls.

ydi for not seeing them for 4 years

#60 is correct. And pussy monster looks hotter than all you other bitches

Wow all of u grow up. Rawr basically is, since she isn't stooping down to name calling. all of u chill and go eat yummy tacos

spidermonkey is a sex position, really awesome btw lmao

cookie monster just shut up. you started this shit now shut up and end it.

chewy405 0

cookiemonster=ugly as fuck! rawr=hot as fuck! keep it up rawr fuck them other hoes they ain't got shit on you! fail to all who oppose you! :)

okay so things we established in this feed: 1.cookie monster has pms right now 2. rawr has boobs 3. everyone just loves to get into internet fights 4. wee need to calm down and think of rainbows and happy stuff. cool so noww we can move on. (:

darckirra 0

You're all about the tech, aren't you Rose? lol OP why hve you gone so Lon without seeing them? And I'm sure if you called them they would let you know where they are.

nood_fml 0

38 hehe imma pussymonster lawl....imma hungry lawl. "it gawt chick'n legs!!!" -gir (random quote of the day

zilepo 1

Good call putting the whole message from Cassie up rawr. Put that bitch in her place :)

tehamericanboy94 0

New invention called the cell phone, use it OP.

sony01 0

Damn everybodys Just hatin on Pussy Monster!! hahaha

bettadenne1 0

blah blah blah everyone just STFU! I have a gun!!?  and a cupcake! 

rawrcupcakesz 0

#149 And you don't share?

and you never thought to call or e-mail them in 4 years ? YDI

dpsceo 0

exactly. I feel like I stepped into a high school cafeteria. WTF? FML

11- I thought of Joe dirt too!!!!!

Alpha35 4

you can come to my parents house.....

oh my god.. like it matters who's pretty or not! since when is FML a "who is more pretty" competition? that being said.. cookie seems like an attention whore and so does her friend. rawr didnt do anything wrong. stop trying to cause problems, you stupid drama queens.

KushBeatz 0

why do u care cookie monster honestly rawr can put a dick in her mouth n you can watch a movie.

call them to say that your coming??

wow I thought you would be the FIRST to know :p

dudeitsdanny 9

#2 fails, in a winning manner. OP- That's hilariously terrible, hahaha

mama2b3 20

maybe there's a reason? why were you not in contact with them for so long? coo coo cachoo

I assume this means you were also not in touch with them for 4 years. YDI for not calling for 4 years just to check in. Sucks that they didn't tell you but do you answer their calls?

wow that sucks. sorry

Because he can help it? I'm not close to my mom. I finally saw her after 8 years just a couple weeks ago. This isn't an FML or YDI without the full story.

find them on facebook:P

fuckyouasshole66 0

man u really must suck as a child

dugumit 0

u deserve it. maybe if u called more u wouldve known. tough shit.

cookie_monster2 0

you are such a fail @2

SpyderMonkee 0

You're a fail for commenting on the same FML so many times.

cookie_monster2 0

such a fail @1

you've ruined my perception of you. you were cute you're just annoying :(