By emegemerald - 04/07/2011 04:13 - United States

Today, I went to visit my great grandma. I saw that her dog had this red fluid on his ear, so I asked my grandma about it. She said she put red finger nail-polish in his ear so she could tell the difference between 'all' of her dogs. She only has one dog. FML
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she's old.she's makes sense.

It's a subtle hint that you're the second dog in that household. I advise you to check your ear - I'm sure she marked you in your sleep.


How is this FML? Or even FHL, for that matter?

she's old.she's makes sense.

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shh. grandma doesn't know that tho. :S

time to put her down..

You're the other dog aka you're a bitch

35. it's the part that's shortly followed by death or the complete loss of driving skills

Well I guess blue's clues doesn't count . . .

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27- Put her down on an unfinished road at night with a gun.

68, on 4th of July.

How is this an fml? If anything the dog should be pissed not you :s

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y f your life if she is your great grandmother be happy she's still alive cause mines not

how is this post at all fuck her life? cause her gran is old? umm that just life. What a dumb bitch

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i like her!

she was talking about u! jk

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that's awesome

I can't wait tell I'm old!

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c c c c c combo breaker!

Alot of older people get Dimensia, a memory loss disease. I am guessing she is one of them

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thank you captain obvious:D

I tried to keep pressing thumbs up on 26's comment but FML wouldn't let me :(

It's a subtle hint that you're the second dog in that household. I advise you to check your ear - I'm sure she marked you in your sleep.

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did you laugh out loud? did you reeeeallly

this made me lqtmf (laugh quietly to myself)

why do you have an f at the end of lqtm? I could understand maybe lqtms to add in a letter for self.

myself is one word

Nobody said it wasn't.

Wait, why slash how does this F your life? It's not like she hurt the dog, unless she poured the polish right into its ear canal. And if she didn't hurt the dog, it's nothing more than an inconvenience to you. I understand if it's hard to watch someone you love become detached from reality, if that's what you're getting at, but... :/

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Same way I organize my relatives.

same here. but only the dead ones. you can't tell the difference after a few years of decomposition

omg dolphincheddar u comment on everything and rarely r u funny.

and this is a problem for you?

I like him. You got a problem with it, stare into my eyes and sink into a bottomless oblivion. Then I will eat you slowly... mehehehe....

50 I read your profile thanks for calling me funny and all but I think dolphin is funnier then me. So I'm going to ask you to not call him unfunny.

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Umm stalker-much?

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Maybe you just can't see the others.

I honestly find that kind of hilarious. Why would it be moderated? xD

...because they aren't there.. ^^^

She's like Luna Lovegood!