By SayWhat - United States
Today, I went to throw out the garbage outside. I noticed at the bottom of my can was a lot of rice. I was angry at my brother for making a mess. As I went to clean it up, the rice moved. It wasn't rice, it was maggots. FML
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hey #52 you idiot, 1. YOU should read the FML before you comment because OP is a girl, and 2. the anger at the brother still has NOTHING TO DO with the FML, which is having to clean up maggots. Who cares whether she was mad at her bro for making the mess or not? It doesn't make it any more or less gross. That's the point #9 was making and it is a valid point.

  reneetlovesyou  |  30

No, #9 wasn't. OP was angry because she thought her brother made a mess of rice at the bottom at the trashcan and was pissed she had to clean his mess, only to realize he actually didn't make a mess; the rice were maggots. Which then led to being permanently disturbed and scared, I'm sure.

You should read more to increase your deductive reasoning skills.

  mcgugs  |  0

Rodney: oh, well that would explain why they all moved to one side when I poured salt on them...

(flushed away reference...surprise nobody said it yet)