By Anonymous - 12/07/2009 04:08 - United States

Today, I went to the water park, and got in a line on a staircase to get on a waterslide. A couple minutes in, I feel a large amount of warm liquid drip on my head. Seconds later, a crying girl was being lead down the stairs being told that 'everyone wets themselves sometimes'. FML
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it could have been worse, she could have sat on a sprinkler like i did when i was little and gotten diarrhea

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There was probably more urine in the pool you know.. Some people pee in them. So...


it could have been worse, she could have sat on a sprinkler like i did when i was little and gotten diarrhea

wtf? why did that get u diarhea?! That's really gay.

lmfaooo #54, hahaahaaha. That was great.

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I used to pee in the wading pools for fun. @ OP: You deserve it for going to a waterpark.

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so you only got a good grade by taking others people opinions?

it's better to be pissed off then pissed on... to bad you where both.

90, This is where the difference between "then" and "than" is *really* important.

lmao! that sucks so bad, dude. seriously :P

jump in the water and you're fine... no FML there IDIOT

Okay, I'll come pee on you and you can see how much fun it is.

He's on the stairs to one of the slides...there is no water around

I'm sure if you got pissed on you would be mad too. Don't act like you wouldn't.

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There was probably more urine in the pool you know.. Some people pee in them. So...

he was in a line up 4 a ride!!! if i were him id b pissed and i wuldnt wanna move from the line id wanna go on the ride i FML u 4 being an inconsiderate douche xD

Eww haha, I would've been so pissed!

Yeah but a few kid's worth of urine diluted in all that chlorinated water, versus a fresh, warm golden shower of kiddie piss... I know which fate I'd choose. OP should've made a scene.

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"OP should've made a scene." why? to make that little girl feel even worse? I mean, it sucks that it happened to him, but making a scene would only make matters worse for everyone in the vicinity.

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I believe it was only a sprinkle more than a shower because it was a little girl plus she peed in her bathing suit so it couldnt have all directly poured into the OPs head so no big deal really.

wtf?? how was the OP supposed to noe tht some lil girl pissed above her?? its just bad luck!! and he was on the wrong place at the wrong time!!

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I know xD I just noticed after I posted it xD

I was going to say the same thing.

shut up tblack. you're 16. you don't know anything about what it takes to raise children. and whatever technique your parents used to raise you, it clearly didn't work since you're an arrogant little shit.

Can I just ask you something? If your IQ is 132, why can't you structure a sentence? I mean, I know periods and commas are so hard to come by these days, but really - how hard is it to just insert one once in a while? To mix things up, perhaps? It's extremely embarrassing to pee yourself, no matter what age you are. Would you really enjoy some strange man alerting every single person waiting in line that you peed yourself? It'd be mortifying. I feel sorry for the OP (I honestly wouldn't want to get peed on either), but really, the best thing to do it wash it off and spare the girl a lot more embarrassment. She'll already remember peeing on someone in public anyway - it's not exactly a positive experience. Is this what you're thinking? "I'm sixteen and I'm a genius and better than everyone else, so why don't I just make up facts about urine to prove my point because everyone will believe because I'm so smart." Notice lack of sentence structure while you think? So, why don't you scurry on home to Mommy and Daddy, stop beating up on little kids, and learn to "check your words before speaking".

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What exactly is a "legal iq"? I have been professionally I.Q. tested myself by a certified psychologist but I'm not aware of it having any legal standing (and mine is higher than 132 but no one cares). Also, "unpractical", really? Before you go bragging about your I.Q. perhaps you should learn to proofread your internet postings. Also, with such an outstanding, astonishing level of intelligence, shouldn't you be self aware enough to realize that at 16 you really have no useful input on the appropriate way to raise children? A grown adult knows that behave like a two year old and have a fit in an attempt to frighten an already upset child is only going to make them look like an idiot. It isn't a stranger's responsibility to let your child know they shouldn't pee their pants. As the child was obviously upset they were already aware that they had done wrong. And, yes, being peed upon by a strange child is not pleasant for most but it is also not a tragedy.

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t black you were a terrible pilot of the troll plane and have now been shot down

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Golden rain more like, lol

Oh man, that sucks. I'm glad that hasn't happened to me yet.

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YDI for standing under incontinent toddlers

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kids understand embarrasment at a young age...and i don't think an older girl would be comforted and told "everyone wets themselves sometimes." It was most likely a little girl who couldn't control her pee

well ya but it could have been an older girl who got scared.

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Sure, make the scared little girl even MORE scared at an older man throwing a fit in public BECAUSE of the fact she got scared? How mature is that REALLY? Not including how inappropriate to "have a fit" just because of that?

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If I get pissed on because some ******* kid don't know how to hold their piss in then I'm going to complain. If you got pissed while on a crowded line then it's the normal thing to throw a fit. Who cares about how the child feels. They're the ones who couldn't hold it in. It might not have anything to do with them being scared. She probably didn't pee when mommy asked her if she had to go to the bathroom. :/

You couldn't smell that it was urine?? Hmmm... I smell a fake...