By Anonymous - United States
Today, I went to the water park, and got in a line on a staircase to get on a waterslide. A couple minutes in, I feel a large amount of warm liquid drip on my head. Seconds later, a crying girl was being lead down the stairs being told that 'everyone wets themselves sometimes'. FML
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  zoerox01  |  0

he was in a line up 4 a ride!!! if i were him id b pissed and i wuldnt wanna move from the line id wanna go on the ride i FML u 4 being an inconsiderate douche xD

  SimpleSimon  |  0

Yeah but a few kid's worth of urine diluted in all that chlorinated water, versus a fresh, warm golden shower of kiddie piss... I know which fate I'd choose. OP should've made a scene.

  Seti_fml  |  0

"OP should've made a scene."
why? to make that little girl feel even worse?

I mean, it sucks that it happened to him, but making a scene would only make matters worse for everyone in the vicinity.

  Nomad609  |  0

I believe it was only a sprinkle more than a shower because it was a little girl plus she peed in her bathing suit so it couldnt have all directly poured into the OPs head so no big deal really.