By Timv86 - Australia
Today, I went to the shops with my little sister. We had to walk through the lingerie section of the store to get to another part. My sister then yells at the top of her voice 'stop following me you freak'. I had security escort me out of the store, and got many dirty looks. She thought it was hilarious. FML
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  Watchmaker  |  2

Suddenly, I have to wonder what happens if you apply cyanoacrylate glue to the bottom end of a cucumber and shove it in a vagina. Would it look like a raging boner from the outside?

  bwhahaha_fml  |  10

34 you have some very evil and disturbing thoughts

and op... that is why you don't take shortcuts and walk around certain sections. and don't even try to say it was the only way.

  wordgirl  |  0

Averizzle: YOU ARE DISGUSTING. you gross, immature asshole. How old are you? Twelve? And do you, by any chance, have alcoholic/drug abusing parents? Maybe you live in a bad part of town? I mean, something's got to be wrong with you...


YDI for being around to protect her from ACTUAL creeps.. I hope you learnt your lesson.. Now, you gotta let her learn hers.. but that could take a while.. In the meantime, #141's plan is sounding nice..

  Link5794  |  18

BTw, u should bitch-slap the... bitch

  do20ss  |  4

that was clowning, she got u pretty good, op is prolly a nerd and still let her in the car and took her home and ur parents prolly laughed at u too, then u went to ur room and watched AS A FISH EATS A BEAR???

By  Invioletlight  |  0


You were first because you didn't actually comment. You being first will have some value at least when your comments are
actual viewpoints or opinions related to the FML.