By howembarrasing - 19/04/2009 20:49 - United States

Today, I went to the sandcastle contest at my local beach. While waiting in line for my hotdog, a man cut in front of me and demanded a cup of water. I called him a jack ass and was saying how people like him give us a bad reputation on the beach. I then see him running to his choking daughter. FML
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It's not your fault. He should of said "My daughter's choking!" or something. I would call the guy a jackass if he just cut in front of me.

This is F the daughter's life. Today I was at the beach eating a hot dog and I started choking. My father panicked. He ran away, and I assumed that he was going to find someone to help. He comes back with a cup filled with water. I died of asphyxiation. FML.


....Wait, why would you get a cup of water for someone choking...(I will resist trying to say that number. Although I'm prob too late lol)

ydi for assuming, I hope you were also making a sand kitchen

don't judge other people you have no idea what they are going through

aww that sucks.

I'm pretty sure she isn't sucking. Or blowing. Or breathing....

there's a button for that

It's not your fault. He should of said "My daughter's choking!" or something. I would call the guy a jackass if he just cut in front of me. water going to magically help him perform the Heimlich? Parents should have to take first aid classes.

A full-grown man performing the Heimlich Manouver on a little girl...?

um I disagree^ if it's your child choking then yea you would give mouth to mouth....

Umm.. You don't give mouth to mouth to someone who's chocking, unless they pass out. But if she was still coughing he should have just encouraged her to cough, instead of running off. And you never! Give someone who's chocking anything to ingest!

u only give mouth to mouth if breathing is stoppedand u have made sure the airway is clear. not just if they pass out. the girl could have not been choking on something, but just having a coughing fit in which case water is appropriate to give to sooth the irritation causing the cough.

yeah i dont really see how water is supposed to help someone who is choking, but you still shouldnt assume that he was being a douche.

Water helps dislodge the item stuck in ones throat.

You're so observant of your surroundings. Way to note what was going on around you. Maybe next time you see a frantic man needing water, you'll take a good hard look around you before you assume he's a jackass. The only jackass on that beach was you.

total YDI. think before you say stuff?

if some guy is frantically asking for water, chances are he probably needs it for a good reason...dont be so quick to assume/judge people

he "demanded" he didnt frantically ask

I agree with number 1. She is obviously not choking, because you never give a choking person food/water. but number 9 is also right