By brokenarm - 03/03/2010 16:46 - Germany

Today, I went to the pharmacy and asked the very attractive pharmacist what to do about the terrible itching under my cast. She told me to be a man and deal with it. FML
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DON'T push objects down inside a cast to scratch an itchy spot. This activity has a high risk of damaging the skin, a blistered area or a surgical wound and causing an infection.


xoconnie 8

wow. she would say that. tell on her! be a tattle tale and tell the manager(: mwahaha that'll teach her not to be a smart ass anymore!!!

Again, NO! Plastic rulers can break and get stuck in there, and metal rulers can scratch the skin. Can you imagine what happens to a scratch that's stuck in a dark, sometimes damp area that gets no real air or cleansing? It's like a breeding ground for infections!

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u were 8th and very attractive

@idkweird - and for people like my creepy uncle...

use a wire coat hanger; you can bend it for those hard to reach areas. straighten it then bend it in half; use the rounded end only. if you scrap or cut yourself under the cast your gonna have a whole new problem(infection)

#42: Smartest idea so far! BSR, that's hawt! Can I have his number? ;)

he bravely ran away, oh brave sir robin!

use a machette duh

what a bitch! I broke my foot, had a cast lost a pencil in there . lol just becareful if u use a ruler or anything. GL

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it took me a few minutes to realize what he meant by "cast". I initially thought it was slang for something much more gross. the comments didn't help.

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that means it's healing

becca, ur one sexy lady:)

That unbearable itching? That's your body punishing you for injuring it. YDI

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YDI for breaking your arm

It should have ended with: "I'm a woman."

use a spoon or fork, or try the handle end of it.

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Today, a sweaty, creepy guy came into the pharmacy where I work and asked me to scratch him under his cast. FML

when i had a cast, I used the handle on a flyswatter. it worked!

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tell her to be a woman

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sounds like 42 has had the same problem as the OP lol

^Haha! Too true!

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haha that sucks. use benedryl cream.

eat_this_buddie 5

ah you're right >.< well I guess his life is f-ed. haha

Those super long Q-tips that doctors use would do the trick!

I find slamming the cast repeatedly on the edge of a table works quite well. Try it!

UberFail79: As long as it's not YOUR cast that's being banged on the table, right? ;-)

u got dissed by a pharmacist

What you all don't know is, the cast is on his PENIS. hehehehahahahohoho

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he said he broke his arm.

in that case, he should get both the pharmacist AND his doctor fired

good advice!!

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whats a cast?

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are you serious? jeez and I had a cast after surgery last year and I scratched it with whatever I could find but I ripped my stiches open.... not fun

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man up son.... man up

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wow that was sort of rude

Straighten out a wire clothes hanger. It's the perfect size to slip under the cast to scratch your itches.

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so true :)

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Unbearable itchiness may be a sign that the cast is too tight in a certain area and should be discussed with your OS. In general anything unbearable means that the situation is unusual because most other people are able to bear it

Are you joking? Do you know how many people shove rulers or anything they think will fit down into their casts to try and scratch? Also, sometimes those objects get stuck in the cast and can cause infections. We get that ALL THE TIME. That, and people who remove their casts because they couldn't stand it anymore. Anyone who has ever worked in an Ortho department can tell you stories. The unbearable itching is common to anyone who has to have a cast for a long time. It comes from not being able to clean the area and remove the dead skin for WEEKS.