By wolf boy - 10/07/2011 00:13 - United States

Today, I went to the park with a girl I like. She got playful and climbed a tree, insisting I come up, too. While we were sitting and enjoying the view, she suddenly knocked me off the branch, sending me crashing to the ground. FML
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Kenik 6

Well climb back up there and push her down!

yummycupkake 0

did she at least push you into an area where there was grass? that means she cares :)


Kenik 6

Well climb back up there and push her down!

I'm mr bucket put your balls in my mouth!

#1 is just mean. OP just say haha you're gonna make me a sandwich now right?

I think OP is dating a cat.

Metal_Chick 15

Op- I don't know about other girls, but I personally like playing rough with guys I like if they fight back that's a plus! So listen to #1!!

FMMFL1992 3

I would have done that

OP's user name is "wolf boy"....I'm gunna say this "girl" he likes may not actually be female.

CasualZombie 6

I think she likes him

she got a little too flirty there hehe

You're lucky she didn't climb down the tree and start T-bagging you.

I agree with #35. Playing rough is damn fun. ;) If I did that I would expect the guy to come push me out of the tree. Then he could come back down and we'd make it up to each other. Haha. ;)

SoccerRebel594 0

OP probably has nasty wolf-like hair, took his shirt off, and asked her to pet him while they sat in the tree. I'd have pushed him out aswell.

ssaammiiee 5

ouch! I feel sorry for you!

how high was the tree...

lovelydarlings 6

I think op is really falling for her. Hehe

KatrinaKitten 16

Wow, she must have a lot of strength.

garrettsgirl 0

I think thats a sign that she either likes you or hates you.... let's stick to the positive

maz255 10

op's girl: FAAALLCON... op: fuck..

or light her on fire :)

OP's crush is SUCH a keeper....... and by keeper I mean a douche.

dorkychick 0

she thought you were edward

Omg I was thinking that when I was reading this!

Omg I was thinking that when I was reading this!

#1 I'm so buying assassins creed revelations yoo

"Today, a male that I liked pushed me off the second to last step on the way down. I feel 2 feet and hurt my finger a little. I cried because it was a little painful. FML" "OMG! WHAT A HORRIBLE MAN. KICK HIS TESTICLES!" "THAT'S ABUSE! CALL THE POLICE!" "What a horrible guy! Karma etc." "Someone should beat him up!" "Today, a girl pushed me out of a tree." "Awww! How cute!" "You should ask her out." "Cuuuttteee!"

Guy has sex with drunk girl = Rape Girl has sex with drunk guy = Rarely Rape Drunk guy has sex with Drunk Girl = Only guy gets charged with rape. To the guy above: Homie, men are discriminated against, face it...

to ^: Men just have the 'raping asshole' image, whilst women have the 'I'm very cute and never do shit' image. That really makes the difference.

DKParth13 5

12 you are really dumb fo real!!

Hmmm_ok 0

ahhh.. the almighty falcon punch!! lol in that case there was nothing the op could've done.

why not???? I'd rip her pants off if she started t-bagging me...

If your on FML for sympathy and for good ideas... Your looking for the wrong people.

Well that isn't very nice at all

Oh, she's a keeper!

Yeah, guess you can say he's really falling for her.

sabotage! she's obviously a double agent.

cause he's freeee, free falling

71, now why would op Mess up her crap.

yummycupkake 0

did she at least push you into an area where there was grass? that means she cares :)

What if it was fake grass that was actually made out of green colored titanium alloy blades?

125 - When I get old, I'm going to get that kind of grass to keep those young whipper-snappers off my lawn

Hell. Why not get it now?

All these comments have made my day. Thank you.

paolayupp 6

if you were a real wolf, you would have landed on your paws.

wolves are dogs and therefore would not land on their feet... just saying

BMXbrett 0


SoCalGal14 0

wolves are dogs. dogs don't land on their feet it's cats. come on, now. you should now that

whisperingeye13 0

if he was a real wolf he couldn't have climbed the tree

if he were a real wolf he would have tore her to shreds.

TeeAmoo 0

Dumb Ass You Should Have Juss Said Lion !

she said wolf because of his name! why would she say lion?!

He's just like a dog. Always ends up on all fours.

brookig 10

And you should KNOW how to spell before you correct someone else.

hehehahAho 0

If he was a real wolf, she would have been torn to shreds and eaten.

Wouldn't That be a cat

Wouldn't That be a cat

if he were a real wolf 1) he couldn't climb trees 2) he wouldn't be on a date

Ask for sympathy sex.

nmearayta 0

do it in in the tree. if anyone sees you, stare the person in the eye until he or she leaves or you finish

flockz 19

well she obviously likes op when hes falling... so sympathy sex while bungie jumping would probably really turn her on lol

SoccerRebel594 0

51 has the right idea. Or combine both of those that's finished like a boss. Bungie jumping from a tree, having sex, and staring someone in the eyes until they leave or you a boss.

It's a sign that she loves you to death.

Patty22 0

I agree lol

OP's falling for her...HAHA that sucked

kawaiianime 5 high was the tree?

yummycupkake 0

even if the tree wasn't very high at all I wouldn't appreciate the guy I like pushing me off of it lmao :D

what depends on this?


Silly goose! Trees cant get high! ;)

maz255 10


SammLikesTurtles 3

aw that sucks.. sorry op.

ahh deep down she loves you very much..