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Today, I went to the new gym I recently signed up for and started exercising in the men-filled weights room, despite being intimidated by them and the strange looks they were giving me. Workout over, I left the room and saw in front of me a door marked "Women's weights room". Oh. FML
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  bauerd  |  0

many gyms have co-Ed weight room and a separate womens one so they can work out without the stares. never heard of an all male weight room. OP probably was fine where she was.

  stfuexe  |  0

it's bloody simple to understand. she's a woman, doing weights in an all male weights room. They gave her weird looks because obviously they were wondering what she was doing in there. She then finished her workout and saw a "Women's weight room" sign. FFS can't people think for themselves anymore. Don't blame someone else, just because you're slow.

  Pluff  |  0

#10, it must take a real moron not to be able to understand the OP. I can make it real simple for you in this quick summary: OP went in the wrong room. See how simple that was? If you want a more detailed explaination, please refer to 14 and enjoy looking like an idiot. Have a nice day.

  TurboTalon  |  0

14 didn't clear it up at all lol. The way it's written makes it hard to understand where the sign was.

To simplify, there were two weight rooms, one for each gender. OP went into the opposite one without realizing it until she left.