By ditched - Canada
Today, I went to the movies with my boyfriend. We went inside the theatre and he saw a couple of his friends. Instead of saying hi and coming back to watch the movie with me, he ditched me for them. When I reminded him he was forgetting something, he grabbed the popcorn out of my hands and left. FML
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haha that sounds like something i would do to my girlfriend but i'd just be playing with her and really go sit with her during the movie. but if he really just ditched you then you must have some issues to work out. Of course on the other hand if he paid for your ticket then free movie for you so its not so so bad.

  nexismyname  |  0

does nobody else realize that he probably wanted to sit with her AND his friends? it's not like he said 'I'm going to hang with my friends instead of you' she just didn't go m with him.

  looooolz  |  0

are you kidding? It would be different if he went there with her and them, but deciding to go to a movie with HER and then ditching them for anybody - be they mates or not - is disrespectful and an absolute dick move. Don't kid yourself and expect you can get away with anything similar, or you'll find yourself quite alone, if you aren't already.

  Octiskeet  |  0

Right, because before sitting down to watch the movie with him, she should've said "O WAIT, you might run into your friends. Lemme pay for that ticket and you run along if you see them, kay?". She's not his mom, she's his GIRLFRIEND.

  DameGreyWulf  |  0

Ahhh why would you do that in a movie theater? People are really likely to see/hear you, even in the dark, then you get kicked out for being a disturbance or something.

Unless it was mostly empty, then go for it.

As for the OP:
Shit sucks, but from my experience, some guys are dopey and do that without thinking. In other words, he probably wasn't intending to be insensitive.

By  Octiskeet  |  0

Also, YDI for putting up with that blatant disrespect. That's when you grab the popcorn back and sit down beside a cute guy sitting alone, or walk out and dump the popcorn on him.