Where is she now?

By RensM - This FML is from back in 2011 but it's good stuff - New Zealand

Today, I went to the movies. I was sat next to a woman who talked through the film and said, "Awwww" every time she saw a primate. I went to see 'Rise of Planet of the Apes'. FML
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Sometimes you just gotta smack a ho

The monkeys arnt even cute in that movie? Their creepy! And evil!


The monkeys arnt even cute in that movie? Their creepy! And evil!

You should've punched her in her tit and said "awwww!"

Awwww to #1.

1 your pic would be more suitable to the ginger fml:P on topic.. tell that woman "IT AINT THAT FUCKIN CUTE BITCH"

that's when you go ape-shit on her

That movie sucked

Just like night of the leapers :d

20, I saw what you did there... and I approve.

I thought Ceasar was cute when he was little:) I said aw then. But that was the only time though.

my fav part was when ceasar did an ape growl at the dog LMAO funny stuff. and that movie was awesome so dont be haters, haters.

"That movie sucked"? Can someone tell me otherwise? I want to go see it. Wait, nevermind, the downed votes say otherwise.

mind you, baby Caesar was cute quality movie btw, I hope you managed to enjoy it anyway OP. I loved how it kept referencing the original :)

Caesar is home!

The previews for that movie make me mad, if the rebellion happened we would fuck those monkeys up. >:(

Honestly, I thought it was an amazing movie, amazing plot and great actors

The people that thought it was bad were expecting to see non stop action scenes of apes killing humans. #87 Yeah, humans would obviously destroy any apes...we have tons of weapons... butt that's not what happened, did you even watch the movie?

75- stfu. oh and that movie sucked, kinda like your doing me

this reminds me of the time I went to go see dear John and there was this lady in the theatre yelling "THIS IS WHY IM SINGLE!" "I HATE MEN!" :DD

Lol yeah also the apes didnt plan it at a large scale that the humans saw it and if u paid any attention to the movie or saw the original which it is based of, ppl would kno the apes didn't kill the humans the ALZ - 113 sirum is what killed the humans as the next door pilot had spread the disease as he traveled the world

99 that movie was awesome but I guess it might be kinda racist to a monkey like you

99- That's not fair. Call me when you're 18.

I hate when people say, "That movie was so unrealistic!" Of course it is! It's a movie! If they were realistic they'd be boring as hell!

My head exploded when caesar said, "No!" to the teenager.

Not cute at all indeed. I think, by watching the trailer, that the faces of the apes in that movie are way too human-like.

-129, Did you just really make that account to just post one single comment? Like, wtf.

They aren't evil, well, a few are but the rest are stand-up guys!

Sometimes you just gotta smack a ho

wow I would ask for a refund

Or u gotta choke a bitch

^or the chicken

I think shes attracted to the monkeys or apes..she might be having weird beastiality thoughts ewww *shudders*

Thumbs up for purple elephants!

wtf red elephants are better. purple ones are gay.

ok that sounded kind of homophobic...i have nothing against gays o.0

op shoulda just looked at her and said I guess the monkeys are getting smarter

Again I say some people shouldn't be allowed to go to the cinema.

hi billy mays here with bitch b gone. smack

133 that made my dayXD

RIP billy mays :(

Sometimes the ho has to slap the pimp

I would have told her to shut up, at the very least it's disruptive to the rest of the theatre.

Tell her to stfu and if she doesn't say imma go ape shit on your ass!!!

Bahaha punny

I actually saw this movie last night and the exact same thing happened. I hate rude and inconsiderate people.

Yeah, i think it was obvious what movie u saw when you said "primate"

I think she would have said aww to that too -.-...

i just saw that yesterday!! it wasnt cute though, ive never said "fuck!" and "SHIT" so frequently before.

still a good movie :)

I love that movie!!!!

Hope you stood up and shouted "SHUT DAH FUCK UP BEFORE I DROP KICK YO ASS OUT OF HERE."

You should of ask her if she want some STFU tea

Apes will rise. And people like her are the first to go

when apes will rise every single military in this world will be after them imagine a group of apes blowen up by a tomahawk missile or an ape which headshotted with an 50. cal anti-material sniper rifle hordes of apes coming to your frontline all you have to do is aim and fire at these mindless monkeys with chain guns ok i m maybe gone too far about this but this is the truth you cant expect some shit-headed monkeys to take over entire world by copycating us !!!!

Typical answer from someone who hasn't seen the movie. Rest assured, the monkeys are more intelligent than the humans in this movie. Therefore, they can use guns, too. We're not the fastest, we're not the strongest, and now, we're not the smartest. Instead of walking to the mart to get our food like we've been doing for the past 1500 years, we'd have to fend for ourselves. We've given birth to a weak generation. Besides, an army can't just nuke an entire country or area to kill a few hundred apes. You have to think about collateral damage. All those people living there will be killed for nothing. The casualties are not worth the result. However, we do outnumber them by quite a bit. Which is why the movie features a worse-case scenario. The Alzeimers cure is extremely toxic to humans. I'm sure you can guess what happens next. :/

142- these weren't regular apes ( at least te main one) they were genetically enhanced or something. Obviously they were smart if they won and then grew sentience. Ps, I havent seen the movie yet.

Awww ain't it one of those cuddy wuddy apes... Awww come here you lil'... Who's a good ape huh? Who's a good ape huh? Ow no no apey no one likes to be bitten... Ow, quit it! AAAARGGGGGHHHHGHHHHH!!!!

well i havnt seen the movie but i saw the older 1s anyway alzeimer shit may really couse some shitty things but still being smarter us wont change the fact that they are copycating us and we can outnumber them. about the colleteral damage: no sacrafise no no victory, you may have to kill some 1000k to save 1000M or even more....

Um, see, about this "collateral damage"... "YOU BLEW IT UP! DAMN YOU! DAMN YOU ALL TO HELL!"

You should have tried to get your money back.

People have bad and annoying experiences all the time at theaters. It isn't managments problem to handle, or to refund your money because you weren't "satisfied" with your experience. Best thing to do is betch slap someone lol or ask them to STFU

Let's hope she didn't walk up to the screen and try to give one a raspberry.

You can only say aww to small monkeys

is that a rule? cuz i said aww to the circus orangutan.

Nope no rule, it just logically makes sense

Apes :) monkeys have tails lol