By Tyler - 25/08/2013 04:30 - United States

Today, I went to the mall with my girlfriend to buy some new clothes, and I turned around to give her a quick kiss. My lips were half-way to "her" face when I saw instead the face of another lady. She slapped me. My girlfriend was standing next to me, very pissed off. FML
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Well, it's not easy to please two women

Why was she pissed off? She saw it was an accident.


Well, it's not easy to please two women

Well shit its hard enough to please one.

lonewolf658 6

It's possible to please one?

26- Some of us can, bro. Sorry I had too

Nah, a girl is never 100% pleased ;)

lonewolf658 6

#38 I figured

#38, watch the new movie "We're The Millers". There's a stripper with the same name as you and her nickname is Boner Garage. I'm thinking you might be the same person.


#67 Teach me your ways.

sweetbabysweet93 10

You deserve it for assuming she was right there

Damian95 16

That's harsh. As long as it was an honest mistake, he didn't deserve it. Nor should he be sorry. We are only human.

That's true. Don't say you never greeted or turn around and talked to/ assumed it was the wrong person.

Damn... At least you didn't actually kiss her

Why was she pissed off? She saw it was an accident.

I feel like men have been asking this for ages.

This should remind you to look before doing...

Spider_Web 11

This reminds me of the FML where the girl in line groped some other lady thinking it was her boyfriend

Yeah, they could've been a good couple

16, I was just looking through to see if anyone else mentioned that because that's what I thought of too. XD

Eliseopwns 22

Damn Tyler get your shit together

SamanthaNGoree 10

I think if it were my boyfriend, I'd probably just laugh it off. It's got to be embarrassing for you, I'm sure she knew it wasn't intentional.

#6, The kiss may have been unintentional, but I think his g/f got pissed because OP thought this woman was his g/f. In other words, the g/f thinks : "you mistook that raggedy older woman for me!?!?"

That is really uncalled that she slapped you, I mean you didn't even kiss her. I'm sorry OP, hopefully your girlfriend realized it was an accident.

That's why I think this FML is a little exaggerated. There was no need to slap him. At least not yet.

ApollosMyth 22

Yea, but some people have then tendency to freak out way too early.

#31, you mean to say if some random-ass guy at the mall turns to kiss you out of nowhere, with no apparent consideration for your personal boundaries, you'll just stand there and take it? Remember, slapping is a way quicker reflex than reasoning with someone.

Wizardo 33

As I said before, I find looking around and being aware of your surroundings before doing anything is really, really helpful...

If you've explained that you didn't know and she was still pissed, then there's a serious problem. If she didn't know; well, she should still give you the benefit of the doubt before getting mad.

^^ Agreed. No need to assume without a full story.

alshygirl 14

Your girlfriend seems like the jealous type

Wouldn't you be, if your man just tried to kiss some other girl?

He didn't try to kiss another girl. If you read the FML you would see that his intention was to kiss his girlfriend, he just failed.

As a jealous type I can confirm that I'd be pissed off at my boyfriend if I saw him do this, even if it was an accident. Jealous type is no fun.