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The Cheerios sent a message back. It says oooooo.

Wow, who pissed in her Cheerios? What, too soon?


*aliens guy* "mothers"

My apologies, FML community. This was my first, first comment. *thumbs down own comment and cries silently in the corner*

Maybe it's time to just stop

But what if it our time to go? What then, I ask; what then, my friends?

Cheerios make my mum angry too. Must be a UK thing.

But you're not from the UK...

Northern Ireland is apart of the United Kingdom.

I'm from Dublin Ireland, so yes I am.

Dublin is in the Republic of Ireland, which isn't part of the UK. You're thinking of Northern Ireland. Way to know your own country's geography...

Oh shit, didn't notice the Dublin portion. My mistake.

*facepalms at lack of geographical knowledge*

#2 Are you living in the 1800s right now

Does it really fucking matter what part of Ireland or the UK or wherever the fuck she is

The Cheerios sent a message back. It says oooooo.

"Peter, those are Cheerios"

Just the thought of Cheerios makes me furious. Damn it. Look what you did OP. >:(

Seriously? Cheerios always calm he down. Guess I'm a black sheep.

Hey color doesn't matter we are all horrible on the inside

Better switch to Raisin Brand, OP.

Yeah, the lack of fibre in her diet is probably what's making her so grumpy. Constipation can be a bitch sometimes.


You tripped over your own feet? Are you sure it wasn't the Cheerios that tripped you?

Wow, who pissed in her Cheerios? What, too soon?

Or Two spoons. (:

Cheerios? Now "Coo-Coo for Coco Puffs" I can understand. "I mix your milk wit my cocoa puff, Milky, milky cocoa, Mix your milk with my cocoa puff, milky, milky riiiiiiight."

Wtf did I just read.

A great song reference^^^ :)

My Humps .. classic!

Their cheeriness can be irritating before your morning coffee.

Tell her to switch to fiber one, it might help get that stick out of her ass.