By dollabill009 - 06/06/2013 08:49 - United States

Today, I went to the gym for the first time in a while. I was doing upper body workouts and decided to ask a very large man to spot me while I did bench presses. As he stood over me, I saw two beads of sweat roll off his nose. One hit me on the cheek. The other landed in my open mouth. FML
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Hiimhaileypotter 52

That is absolutely disgusting. This one is almost as bad as the one where the dentist's snot falls into the OP's open mouth.

"Spot me?" "Yeah, no sweat bro....-nevermind"


Help me, I'm dying of first! No, bur really, this reminds me of the one where the dentist sneezes into the patient's mouth. Euugh

You really thought 'thirst' was spelt "first" didn't you? But*

Hiimhaileypotter 52

That is absolutely disgusting. This one is almost as bad as the one where the dentist's snot falls into the OP's open mouth.

This fml made me almost go puking.

Ugh, I hadn't heard the one about the dentist!!!!

Thanks for the reminder, Hailey. FML.

Snot is worse than sweat isn't it?

Remind me to wear a mask In public...

What about the 'vile' phlegm that shot out of the old woman's mouth?

jojimugo 20

Reading fml while eating .... I will never learn

I hate when that happens!! Wipe your sweat!

etoilenuit 15

Why was op's mouth open anyway?? Such a pet peeve. Close your mouth if your not talking!

Wow, you've obviously never benched or done any physical exercise that involved exhaling....

If you open your mouth that wide, you have a problem.

it's a drop of sweat, it's not exactly considered to be "wide"

bowl1991 7

Well, when spotting, you can't exactly wipe your sweat. Although when I know I'm sweating heavily, I'll move my face to the side a bit.

just think positive. you had a refreshing drink(~º º)~

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SparkleFace 14

All natural!

And, the salt in the sweat will replace the salts you lost while sweating.

Yea a refreshing drink of warm sweat!!

I would have started gagging uncontrollably, eww! FYL.

"Spot me?" "Yeah, no sweat bro....-nevermind"

I think I just vomited a tiny bit. You're very brave, I couldn't talk to anyone at the gym!

Lol what? Why?

I'm with you, #8. I never even go to a gym because of other people. I can work out at home just fine.

And by 8 I meant 9. Must have been some sweat on my phone's screen.

Why would other people keep you from the gym? Is it the thought that a bunch of muscle heads doing curls in the squat rack and snorting creatine off their abs will look at you with a smirk? They won't care what you do buddy.

There are some people who get what I'm saying. If you're not one of those people I don't think it's possible to explain. Just understand that the thought of a gym creeps me out. I'm glad you're not afflicted.

It's really a confidence thing, not so much watching big dudes intimidate you. Trust me, I was scared of the gym at first too, I'm a skinny dude trying to build my muscles back, and the thought of me lifting small weights while brolic dudes lifted 3x more weight terrified me. But if you keep going, you eventually lose your fear of gyms, I now try to go at least 5 times a week, and I'm comfortable. Everyone else minds their own business. Everyone has to start somewhere.

Thanks, 48, but that's not it. I've been invited to go with friends who aren't in better shape than me at times when I know we'd be the only ones around. The idea of working out with other people just sounds totally awful to me. And it had nothing to do with body image. As I said, I work out at home and have no problem showing off my body at the pool. That's not the issue. I don't think it can be explained.


It seems like you aren't trying to explain it.

Taste a little salty?

CallMeMcFeelii 13

I was going to say something dirty..but I just couldn't do it.

don't sweat it buddy

Wait, so it's not other people's blood, sweat and tears that you need for a good workout? I guess I've been going about this wrong.

twaumat 28

so if you watched it, why didn't you close your mouth?

vencku 13

This is exactly what I thought while reading this FML. If you saw them coming your way, even if you couldn't get away, at least close your mouth and turn your head away for a second. It's not that bad if they fall on your cheek where you can wipe them off together with your own sweat afterwards.