By minaaaaajftw - Norway - Jessheim
Today, I went to the grocery store with three bags full of sausages that I'd drunkenly bought the night before. Even though the manager remembered me, he wouldn't give me a refund, and now I'll be lucky if I can pay my rent this month. FML
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  robinhood007  |  9

I don't know what y'all are talking about or why he got thumbed down. Albeit, not a very creative comment it was much better than the majority on FML. I actually chuckled.


*Checks 3 pages of comments*

Nope, this one was the second-worst.

Here's the first:

110 by Vynoshit:

"Sounds like a wiener situation."

The other comments were jabs at his profile, which says "Love parties, hate strings attached". That alone screams virginity, not that there's anything wrong with being a virgin. Just don't act like you're a pimp fresh out of elementary school.

  hinchkongfang  |  0

Yeah, sure I'll let you return your drunken sausage purchase, that was probably not refrigerated and could have been ANYWHERE until this morning.

Here's a good idea, buy a heap of buns, and some tomato sauce, and sell them to people. You'll have enough to pay your rent, and maybe some profit... Just do it tonight when there are drunken people around, they'll buy anything...

  rofflewaffle  |  9

So the store should have to throw all that away and take a loss because you're a drunken idiot? Maybe this will teach you that your actions have consequences and the world isn't going to fix all your mistakes for you.


Oh, really? Thanks, I wasn't aware this was

Unless you were making a pun, in that case, it wasn't very funny, but kudos.

Sheesh, people panic when they get the opportunity for the first few comments.